Published on: Monday, January 11, 2021 News Alert

Police Chief’s Message on Security in Takoma Park in the upcoming weeks


As I mentioned in my message last week, we all were shocked and horrified to see the images of rioters violently breaching the Capitol building on January 6th. The Takoma Park Police immediately implemented security protocols, secured high profile sites in the city, and coordinated with our law enforcement partners across the region to provide mutual aid. At this time, I wish to reiterate that there are no active threats against the City of Takoma Park.

As we move forward during the next few weeks, we are implementing several security protocols. This involves a heightened level of alertness, communicating with our regional law enforcement partners, and monitoring intelligence related to the region and Takoma Park.

On specific days in and around the Presidential Inauguration, we will be on an “all hands on deck” patrol posture. This means all Takoma Park Officers will be actively conducting high-level uniform patrols in all areas of the city. The police presence will be noticeable and that is purposeful. There are other security protocols being put in place that we will not share publicly for obvious reasons.

I know there are a few groups who may want to conduct active patrols of the city. I would discourage this. We are amply prepared to keep our city safe. What we ask of our residents is that they continue to be our eyes and ears and report any suspicious activity to the police department. I assure you we will actively investigate all reports. Please note, however, that the display of symbols or signs is not on its own an indication of unlawful action. I want to reiterate that there are no active threats against the City of Takoma Park. That being said, we will continue to be fully prepared should any incident occur in the city.

During the next few weeks, the police department and the city government will be sending out frequent communications to update residents. This is important, as we want all residents to be fully informed.

Please feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns. We will get through these challenging times together and with the strength of our wonderful, welcoming, and inclusive community.

Chief DeVaul email: