Published on: Monday, February 1, 2021 City Manager & Staff Blog

The City Manager says Stay Safe. PW Crews continue to treat roadways as bands of rain and snow continue to fall!


Dear Residents,

This has been a strange winter storm! The snow was not deep, but we have had continuing bands of rain and snow with temperatures right below freezing.

Susanne Ludlow City Manager

Our crews will continue to treat roadways and clear sidewalks along City facilities. We will have staff in through the night again tonight to make sure the streets are safe. Please report slippery streets or other problem areas to our Police Department at 301-270-1100 so our crews can respond.

On Tuesday morning, we will be collecting trash, recycling and food waste from those residents who have Tuesday collections, but it will likely begin a bit later than usual. Other than that, City operations should be back to normal on Tuesday, including Library Books-To-Go and our new library book delivery service.

It is slippery outside! Please be careful when walking, biking, or driving.

Happy February!

Suzanne Ludlow