Published on: Sunday, April 14, 2024 News Alert

TKPK Launches Balancing Act: Budget Simulation Tool

You are invited and encouraged to provide feedback on the Fiscal Year 2025 Budget for the City of Takoma Park!
Try out our new budgeting tool: Balancing Act

This budget simulation is a way for you to learn more about the City’s spending and revenues.

  • The module starts with a snapshot of revenues and expenditures for the Fiscal Year 2025 Proposed Budget.
  • As you work through the module, you have the ability to adjust various expenditures and revenues by using the Plus and Minus symbols.
  • Real-time updates will show the impact of your funding choices at the top of the screen.
  • Before submitting, please provide comments as you adjust the budget so we can understand your reason for adjusting each item.