Published on: Tuesday, June 2, 2020 News

A message from Mayor Stewart to the Community


Waking up this morning to the video of one of our officers removing a sign calling for action, was not only upsetting, it was infuriating. The taking down of the signs and the officer’s interaction with a young person is not acceptable. And, this is about much more than taking down signs.

Our job as leaders is to change laws and policies and fight against how their enforcement criminalizes black identity and actions. But we can’t stop there. We must also enact legislation that furthers equity and justice in our communities.

I thank our Police Chief and City Manager for taking swift action this morning and for the work they have been doing in the last few years to make changes in our department. And more needs to be done locally and at the state level.

I pledge to advocate and ask others to join me to push for reforms at the state level especially addressing the Law Enforcement Officers Bill of Rights which hampers progress and necessary changes we want to make at the local level in Maryland. We have an opportunity with Del David Moon being appointed by the Speaker of State House to work with other delegates to propose reforms that will be turned into legislation for the next session.

Today, I call on residents to join me in an act of solidarity by putting up signs around town calling for justice and taking anti-racist actions to not only prevent police violence against people of color but to dismantle the very structures of white supremacy wherever they exist.

Please join me.