Published on: Monday, April 20, 2020 News

Takoma Park Together = Small Business Support


Here’s how you can help!


The City is embarking on a multi-layered campaign to support small businesses in Takoma Park.  This exciting outreach campaign will engage residents and support local businesses, in a socially responsible way, during this unprecedented health emergency.

Phase One

We are kicking off the campaign with the installation of our first chalk mural near the Takoma Park Recreation Center on New Hampshire Avenue.  We have branded the campaign as “Takoma Park Together” and are using the trending hashtag #TogetherTKPK to spread the word on social media. Up to 40 small chalk murals and designs will be created on sidewalks and walkways around the City in the next 2 months to identify our To-Go businesses and brighten the daily walks of our residents. Chalk murals will be developed in and around restaurants listed on the “Takoma Park To-Go” website as a demonstration of our ongoing support and commitment to our beloved small businesses.

Phase Two

The second phase of the Takoma Park Together campaign is a fundraising effort led by another Takoma Park business. No Plan Press has created three unique posters featuring designs promoting the Takoma Park Together campaign.  100% of the proceeds from the sale of these limited-edition posters will benefit Takoma Park’s Citywide Small Business Mini-Grant Program and the Old Takoma Business Association’s (OTBA) Micro-Grant program.

Phase Three

We will continue to receive donations for the Takoma Park Citywide Small Business Mini-Grant Program.  We have over 100 applications for grant assistance received in the last 7 days. This demonstrates the tremendous need from a variety of local businesses ranging from home-based businesses to 30-year long-standing businesses across varying industries. City funds will be exhausted well before the need and we are counting on our residents for additional support.

4 Ways You Can Help

1. Buy a Meal from a “Takoma Park To-Go” Restaurant and TAG Your Favorite Takoma Park Together Mural on Social Media (#TogetherTKPK)

Takoma Park Together Chalk Murals: the City has partnered with our local business, Chalk Riot, to create temporary chalk murals on sidewalks/walkways across the community, to engage our residents around social distancing and safety issues, and identify businesses that are still open and offering takeouts and delivery. You can help support these businesses by picking up a meal from one of our Takoma Park To-Go restaurants.


2. Purchase a Limited-Edition “Takoma Park Together” Poster

No Plan Press Fundraiser: Visit No Plan Press online to purchase an exclusive “Takoma Park Together” poster with locally inspired designs. Each piece will be letterpress printed by hand, one at a time on an antique 19th-century printing press right here in Takoma Park.  All orders will be delivered for free to Takoma Park addresses. Posters range in price from $20-$100, and all profits from the sale will go to the Citywide Small Business Mini-Grant Program and Old Takoma Business Association Micro-Grant Program.



3. Purchase Limited-Edition “Takoma Park Together” Herbs, Flowering Plants and Succulents

Takoma Park local business, Indigro Plant Design, has created 4 exclusive Takoma Park Together designs of herbs, succulents, and flowering plants to raise funds for the Takoma Park Together campaign to support our local businesses during the COVID-19 emergency.  Up to 50% of the profit from sales will support both the CItywide Small Business Mini-Grant program and the Old Takoma Business Association (OTBA) Micro-Grant program.


4. Donate to the Citywide Mini-Grant Program 

Donate Online: We are still accepting donations online or via check for the Citywide Small Business Mini-Grant Program.

We would like to thank OTBA for assistance with the technical infrastructure to receive online donations. You will see OTBA information on the donation page, however, funds are directed to a separate City of Takoma Park donation account for the Takoma Park Citywide Small Business Mini-Grant program.

Donations can be made online:


or by check made out to:  City of Takoma Park

Mail to:
City of Takoma Park
Finance Department
Attn: Small Business Mini-Grant Donation
7500 Maple Avenue, 3rd Floor
Takoma Park, MD 20912

Thank you for your generous support for our small businesses during this challenging time!