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Voter Turnout and List of Write-in Votes for the 2017 City Election

Voter Turnout – November 7, 2017 City Election

Registered Maryland VotersRegistered Takoma Park-only VotersTotal Registered Voters*Voted Turnout
Ward 1231630234649120.9%
Ward 2220331223586638.7%
Ward 3229525232045920.2%
Ward 41511100161118114.8%
Ward 5140343144621414.8%
Ward 61626117174329817.1%

* The number of registered voters above includes same day registration voters.

Turnout for 16/17 Year Old Voters

PreregisteredRegistered Same Day Total RegisteredTotal Voted
Ward 1174217
Ward 227123927
Ward 32082815
Ward 485135
Ward 5133165
Ward 6147217

*16/17 year old voters are included in the overall turnout.

Write-ins (first choice only)

Council Mayor
WARD 1Write-In (20) for CouncilWARD 1Write-In (23) for Mayor
1Alice Sims2Betsy Taylor
1Barbara Whitney1Denny May
1Betsy Taylor1Diane Curran
1Dick O’Connor1Donald Trump
2Emma Rose Borzekowski1Nobody
1Jonah Bregstone1Peter Kovar
3Lorraine Pearsall1Sam Abbott
1Marilyn Abbott3Seth Grimes
1No Big Dig10Sue Katz Miller
1Nobody1Takoma Park Co-Op
1None of the Above1Terry Seamens
3Seth Grimes
3Takoma Park Co-Op
20Subtotal, Ward 1 Council23Subtotal, Ward 1 Mayor


WARD 2Write -In (2) for CouncilWARD 2Write-In (33) for Mayor
1Cole Gilbert1Alex Marsell
1Tim Male1Bernie Sanders
3Catherine Tunis
1Chris Simpson
1Cindy Dyballa
1Cole Gilbert
1Cynthia Terrell
1Donald Duck
1Ed Sharp
1Joe Edgell
1Maurice Grant
2Molly King
1Nadine Bloch
1Neil Gorsuch
1None of the Above
1Not Kate
1Ozzy Osbourne
1Paul Hewett-Mary
1Rino Aldrighetti
1Roger Schlegel
4Sue Katz-Miller
3Tim Male
1Tom Littlefield
1Wade Jennings
2Subtotal, Ward 2 Council33Subtotal, Ward 2 Mayor
WARD 3Write-In (30) for CouncilWARD 3Write-In (35) for Mayor
1Brian Ernst1BruceWilliams
1Byrne Kelly1Byrne Kelly
1Daniel Ruiz1Carolyn James
1Danielle Veith1Daniel Ruiz
1Doug Disrud1Debbie Gay
1Eloise Lindblom1Diane Curran
1Emily Van Loon1Fanny Lou Hamer
1Jeffrey Noel-Nosbaum1Green space + Grocery Store , not a dense dev of Junction lot
1Joe Uehlein1Hillary Clinton
1Lacey Logsdon1James Sexton Byrne
1Michael Graul1Michael Kempel
1Michael Koempel1Mickey Mouse
2Nadine Bloch1No one
1Nancy Glass1No Preference
1No one1Nola
1No Preference1None of the Above
1None of the Above1Roger Schlegel
1Rhonda Kranz1Someone who will stand up to the Co-Op
1Roger Schlegel14Sue Katz Miller
1Someone who will stand up to the Co-Op1Takoma Park Co-Op
5Sue Katz Miller1Tim Male
2Takoma Park Co-Op
1Talish Searcy
30Subtotal, Ward 3 Council35Subtotal, Ward 3 Mayor
WARD 4Write-In (9) for CouncilWARD 4Write-In (2) for Mayor
1Arthur David Olson1James M. George
1Holly Ann Freso-Moore1Kathy Porter
1James Major George
2Jarrett Smith
1Jonathan Anderson-Taylor
1Kate Stewart
1Tamara Robinson
1Vineda Myers
9Subtotal, Ward 4 Council2Subtotal, Ward 4 Mayor
WARD 5Write-In (0) for CouncilWARD 5Write-In (8) for Mayor
01Haywood Jablome
1Katz Miller
1Kinky Friedman
1Mark Rupp
2Mike Tabor
1Ron Paul
1Terry Seamens
0Subtotal, Ward 5 Council8Subtotal, Ward 5 Mayor
WARD 6Write-In (1) for CouncilWARD 6Write-In (12) for Mayor
1Janee Max
1Jose Issac Lava
1Mickey Mouse
1Molly King
1No Vote – Not Happy
1Prabrakar Cherukuri
1Praveen Raveendran Pillai
1Sammie Abbott
1Sterling Archer
1Taco Bell
1Walter Sobchek
1Subtotal, Ward 6 Council12Subtotal, Ward 6 Mayor
ALL WARDSWrite-In for CouncilALL WARDSWrite-in for Mayor
Ward 120Ward 123
Ward 22Ward 233
Ward 330Ward 335
Ward 49Ward 42
Ward 50Ward 58
Ward 61Ward 612