Published on: Monday, April 8, 2024 Public Notices

Acting Deputy Managers Named to Permanent Roles

by Sean Gossard

New Takoma Park City Manager Robert DiSpirito announced a slate of promotions last month, moving two acting deputy city managers into permanent positions and naming a director of Housing & Community Development.

David Eubanks will serve as permanent deputy city manager for external operations—including overseeing the Housing & Community Development, Public Works, Library, and Recreation departments—while also being the first go-to to serve as acting city manager during any of DiSpirito’s temporary absences.

“I am incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to continue supporting the City of Takoma Park as deputy city manager,” Eubanks said. “I have had the privilege of serving in a number of roles during my three-year tenure, including deputy director of Public Works, director of Housing & Community Development, and acting city manager. In each instance, I have been able to expand my understanding of the city’s operations and work collaboratively with our knowledgeable and hardworking staff. I believe my experience thus far will be beneficial  in my new role overseeing the City’s primarily external facing departments.”

DiSpirito also announced that Andrew  Bolduc will serve as the city’s deputy city manager for internal operations—Human Resources, Information Technology, Communications, and staff liaison to the city attorney and labor attorney.

“It has been a great honor to serve Takoma Park as its acting deputy city man-ager over the past several months,” Bolduc said.  “I am thrilled at the opportunity to continue to work with Robert, David, [Executive Assistant to the City Manager] Christine [Heidebrecht], and the exceptional senior leadership team on the many critical projects and innovative initiatives that will help bring this organization and community forward.”

Bolduc will also serve as acting city manager in the event that DiSpirito and Eubanks are unavailable.

“David and Andrew, as you well know, work closely and very well, productively and professionally together,” DiSpirito said in an email announcing the news. “This structure of two deputies provides parity and is one that both David and Andrew favor as well. I believe that the three of us will serve as a strong administrative team. David and Andrew will have the authority to make decisions on behalf of departments when requested or needed by the departments. They will consult with me when a matter has financial or policy implications or is particularly complex, or should it be their desire to speak with me.  I have great confidence in their professional judgment and abilities.”

The moves are expected to be cost-neutral, according to DiSpirito, as two other open positions—policy analyst and ARPA manager—won’t need to be filled.

DiSpirito also announced that Ira Kowler will take on the role of permanent director of Housing & Community Development after serving as the acting director for the past year and will report directly to Eubanks.

“Ira has performed very well this past year in the acting HCD director role while still covering his economic development duties,” said DiSpirito. “He has the enthusiastic support of his department staff, works quite well with the senior leadership team, and has earned this opportunity. His knowledge of planning, housing, and eco-nomic development, in particular, coupled with his productivity, will continue to serve us well.”

This article appeared in the April Edition of the Takoma Park Newsletter. Check out this article and more on the City webpage.