Published on: Friday, May 28, 2021 Public Notices

Community Engagement for the Takoma Park Recreation Center


In an effort to both reimagine the possibilities for the Takoma Park Recreation Center and engage the residents of Takoma Park in a more inclusive, meaningful way, the City of Takoma Park issued a Request for Proposals in December 2019 for a Community Engagement Consultant to help design and implement a comprehensive engagement process that would serve two purposes:

  1. to determine community priorities for a new recreation center, and
  2. to offer recommendations for how engagement can happen effectively across the city going forward for future public efforts.

DC-based consultancy Brick & Story was selected for this engagement in March 2020. Brick & Story worked with the City of Takoma Park to adapt their initial strategies to accommodate virtual and socially-distanced engagement, to create an invitation that was welcoming, inclusive, and intentionally targeted to communities in Takoma Park that are not traditionally represented in the public process.

The final report describes preferences and priorities for a new recreation center as gathered from City residents, and offers recommendation on conducting community engagement moving forward.

Read the narrative report, and see the appendix for more detail.