Published on: Wednesday, June 27, 2018 Public Notices

Conversations with Councilmembers – Takoma Junction – July 9th

One-on-One Conversations with Councilmembers

The City Council invites residents to participate in a special meeting where there will be an opportunity to engage with up to three individual Councilmembers, “one-on-one” style, regarding the Takoma Junction redevelopment project. The event will be geared toward residents who have specific questions of councilmembers about the project, their perspectives on various elements of the site plan, and thoughts on what should be included in the draft resolution. The event is meant to supplement the open house and pop-up, and the many one-on-one meetings Councilmembers have held with residents throughout the process, and is in response to interest expressed by some residents to engage with Councilmembers in a forum of this nature.

This is not a town hall style meeting, nor an event designed for long, in-depth discussions. It is not an opportunity to ask specific technical questions that typically staff or consultants would need to answer (though some staff will be in attendance). Rather, as noted above, it is an opportunity to engage in an exchange with Councilmembers regarding their perspectives and those of participating residents.

The Council recognizes that, due to time constraints, there will be limitations to the duration of the exchanges as well as to the number of participants. That said, it is important to remember that residents are always welcome to reach out to individual Councilmembers to ask questions, share their thoughts, and try to find a time to meet or speak on the phone. Contact information for each of the Councilmembers is available on the City’s website:

Format and Signing Up to Participate

Councilmembers will be seated at tables with additional chairs for participants. There will be 12 rounds of 8 minute time-slots. (The limited window of time for each slot is to maximize the number of participants.) The event will begin with an introduction of the facilitator promptly at 7:15pm, with one-on-one meetings beginning at 7:30pm.

Residents must sign up to participate ahead of time and indicate, in priority order, up to three Councilmembers with whom they wish to speak. While we will do our best to match residents with one or more of their preferred Councilmembers, we want to ensure that all residents interested in participating have at least one opportunity to engage with a councilmember on their list of three, time-slots permitting.

Confirmation of time-slots and the corresponding Councilmembers will be emailed once the time-slot limit is reached.

Each Councilmember will have two time-slots reserved for walk-ins who may not have had an opportunity to sign up online.

Sign Up Here – BY 5:00PM ON THURSDAY JULY, 5.