Published on: Tuesday, August 8, 2023 News

Montgomery County Racial Equity and Social Justice Act and the Minor Master Plan


Source: Montgomery County Planning 

The County Racial Equity and Social Justice Act (Bill 27-19) requires the County Office of Legislative Oversight to prepare a Racial Equity and Social Justice Impact Statement for bills and Zoning Text Amendments and the Planning Board to consider racial equity and social justice impacts when preparing a Master Plan. 

In accordance with Bill 27-19, Montgomery Planning’s Equity Agenda for Planning is an ongoing commitment to systemically dismantle the institutional and structural racism that exists in and has long influenced planning and zoning processes and to prevent that influence in the future.  As part of this agenda for Master Plans, Montgomery Planning closely considers equity in examining the history and existing conditions of communities, engaging with the county’s diverse residents during plan development, conducting data analysis, and developing plan recommendations.

The Takoma Park Minor Master Plan efforts included:

  • analysis of the demographics and history of the planned area
  • providing authentic and informative engagement opportunities
  • educating stakeholders on how to advocate for their community
  • crafting goals that reflect the desires of the community.

During staff work sessions following September 14, 2023, Public Hearing, the Planning Board will consider and discuss the racial equity and social justice impacts of the Minor Master Plan Amendment.

Additional information on Montgomery Planning’s Equity in Agenda for Planning can be found online at