Published on: Thursday, March 7, 2024 Public Notices

Proposed Administrative Regulation for Sidewalks


Notice of Proposed Administrative Regulation to Provide Guidance for Compliance with Article X, Section 1003 Powers as to Sidewalks of the Takoma Park Charter.

An Administrative Regulation is being proposed to provide guidance for the interpretation of Article X, Section 1003 Powers as to Public Ways and Sidewalks of the Takoma Park Charter. The regulation replaces City Council Resolution 2015-32, pending the formal rescinding of the City Council Resolution. It addresses the process to request, evaluate, and advance new sidewalk installation by members of the public, elected offi cials, and City staff. Pursuant to the requirements of the “Administrative Regulations Ordinance” (Authority: Chapter 2.12 “Administrative Regulations,” of the Takoma Park Code), a notice of the City’s intention to adopt an administrative regulation must be publicly noted, allowing residents the opportunity to comment on the proposal.

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