Published on: Wednesday, July 5, 2023 News

Proposed Amendment to Outdoor Cafe Permit Regulation - Opportunity to Comment


Administrative Regulation 2018-1 – Outdoor Cafe Permit Regulation, regulates the establishment and permitting of outdoor cafes operating within the public right-of-way as authorized in Takoma Park Code Section 8.16.090. The regulation has been in effect since 2018. An amendment to the regulation is being proposed to increase the permit and lease fees, enable annual fee updates by publication of fees on July 1 of each year, and remove the requirement for a “processing fee.”

Review the Proposed Amendment to the Regulation (PDF)

Pursuant to the requirements of the “Administrative Regulations Ordinance” (Authority: Chapter 2.12 “Administrative Regulations,” of the Takoma Park Code), a notice of the City’s intention to adopt, amend, or repeal an administrative regulation must be publicly noted allowing residents the opportunity to comment on the proposal.


To obtain further information about the proposed regulation, contact:

Ira Kowler, Acting Director
Housing and Community Development Department,
Tel: 301-891-7230


Written comments on the proposed regulation may be emailed to The deadline for receipt of public comments is Monday, July 31, 2023.