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Educational Materials - Safe Grow

This section provides tips for those managing an existing lawn or installing a new lawn without the toxic materials restricted by the Safe Grow Zone Ordinance.

Minimum Risk Pesticides

When mechanical pulling of weeds, proper cultural lawn care management practices, and biological controls have failed, then, and only then, should you consider least-toxic chemical products. The Safe Grow Act allows materials designated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as minimum risk pesticides under section 25 (b) of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA), which are not subject to federal registration requirements, because their ingredients are viewed as safe for the intended use. Below are some examples of effective products for cosmetic management of lawns.

Active Ingredients Exempted Under 25 (b) of FIFRAUses
Castor OilInsecticide, animal repellent
Cedar OilInsect repellent, feeding depressant
Cinnamon and Cinnamon OilInsecticide, insect repellent, animal repellent
Citric AcidDisinfectant, antimicrobial, sanitizer, fungicide, herbicide, insecticide
Citronella and Citronella OilInsecticide, animal repellent
Cloves and Clove OilInsecticide, animal repellent
Corn Gluten MealHerbicide
Corn OilFungicide
Cottonseed oilInsecticide
Dried BloodAnimal repellent
EugenolInsect and animal repellent, fungicide
Garlic and Garlic OilInsect and animal repellent
GeraniolInsect and animal repellent
Geranium OilInsect and animal repellent
Lauryl Sulfate(See Sodium Lauryl Sulfate)
Lemongrass OilInsect and animal repellent
Linseed OilFungicide
Malic AcidAntimicrobial
Mint and Mint OilInsecticide
Peppermint and Peppermint OilInsecticide, animal repellent
2-Phenethyl PropionateInsecticide, insect attractant
Potassium SorbatePreservative, Antimicrobial
Putrescent Whole Egg SolidsInsect attractant, animal repellent
Rosemary and Rosemary OilInsecticide
Sesame and Sesame OilInsecticide, nematicide
Sodium Chloride (Salt)Disinfectant, sanitizer, bactericide, fungicide, virucide, algaecide
Sodium Lauryl SulfateNon active ingredient; surfactant, emulsifier, wetting agent
Soybean OilInsecticide, miticide
Thyme and Thyme OilInsect and animal repellent, insecticide, fungicide
White PepperInsect and animal repellent
Zinc Metal StripsHerbicide (moss), fungicide, antimicrobial

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