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Safe Grow Garden Photo Contest


The Safe Grow Act places restrictions on the use of cosmetic pesticides for lawn care on public and private property. Effective March 2014, the City prohibited commercial pesticide applicators from applying restricted pesticides for lawn care purposes on private property or public rights-of-way in the City. The Safe Grow Garden Photo Contest highlights amazing gardens in your lawn, apartment, and/ or patio garden that are free of synthetic pesticides and safe for wildlife, pets, and people. 

2021 Safe Grow Garden Photo Contest Theme:

 The City of Takoma Park would like to announce that the Safe Grow Garden Photo Contest is back! The photo contest will begin on April 1st! This year’s theme is: Together We Bloom. 

Together We Bloom focuses on unity within our City. We can all agree 2020 was a tough year. However, one main takeaway is that our community came together; from helping each other feel safe during the pandemic. As a community we shall continue to bloom together. We shall flourish.

The 2021 Safe Grow Garden contest winners are:
  • First Place: Jonathan Kang  – Ward 2
  • Second Place: Keith Kozloff  – Ward 3
  • Third Place: Maeve Monahan – Ward 2

The 2021 Safe Grow Contest winners were announced at the City Council Meeting on Wednesday, May 2, 2021.  Congratulations!


How does the contest work?
  • Is your lawn, apartment, and/or patio garden free of synthetic pesticides (including herbicides and fungicides) and safe for wildlife, pets and people? Interpret the theme as you wish and show us your meaning through photography. 
  • The contest will have first place, second place, and third place winners. 
  • The winners will receive the Safe Grow Garden Photo Contest Flag! 
Contest Rules:
  • Must be an original color or black and white photograph.
  • Only Takoma Park residents are eligible.
  • The garden, vegetables, plants, or flowers featured must be from a Takoma Park patio, yard, garden, porch, deck, etc. that abides by the Takoma Park Safe Grow Act * for more information click here*
  • By submitting photos, you grant permission for your photo to be used by the City of Takoma Park on social media, websites and any marketing campaigns.

Click here for more information about the Safe Grow Act

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