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Driveway Apron Permit

The City of Takoma Park requires a permit if you plan to construct or alter your driveway apron. Details on the application process and costs are on this page.

A driveway apron is the width of pavement that crosses the City right-of-way between the street curb and private property and is intended as an entrance way or exit. The installation or replacement of a driveway apron requires a permit from the City of Takoma Park.

NOTE: Replacement or installation of a driveway beyond the apron may require a construction permit from Montgomery County.

If you are located in the Historic District, you may also need to apply for a Historic Area Work Permit. Details on how to perform work on your property within the Historic District are covered on the Development Standards page.

The applicant is required to contact Public Works at 301-891-7633 to schedule an appointment for the Public Works inspector to review the forms and grade and provide final approval for pouring of the apron concrete. Driveway apron requirements are:

  • Driveway aprons for single family homes and apartments can have a maximum width of 24 percent of the property frontage, or 20 feet, whichever is less; and a minimum width of 10 feet where the property line and City right-of-way meet.
  • The width of the driveway apron at the curbline can be 8 feet wider than the width at the property line to allow for 4 feet wide apron wings on either side of the apron.
  • Replacement of an existing driveway apron is exempt from the size limitations, provided that the length of the new apron is the same as the one it is replacing and is installed in the same location.
  • Cement concrete shall be used for installing or replacing driveway aprons.
  • Driveway aprons cannot be installed within 3 feet of a tree planted in the City right-of-way.

After receipt of a completed application and required fee, a Public Works inspector will review the application and determine if it requires approval of the Takoma Park Technical Review Committee (TRC). The TRC review is needed when the applicant is planning new construction on the property. After the TRC reviews the application it is forwarded to the Public Works inspector. If the TRC review is not needed the Public Works inspector visits the site to review the lot to determine if the applicant has met City requirements for a driveway apron. The City uses the Montgomery County guidelines for driveway aprons. If all requirements are met, the inspector approves the permit and the applicant is notified. Upon receipt of approval notification, the applicant can obtain a permit from the Public Works Department.

Applicant should contact the Arborist at 301-891-7612 if a tree is located within 50 feet of the intended driveway area.

Driveway Apron Permit Fees

  • $40.00 Permit Fee

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