Published on: Tuesday, January 22, 2019 News

Resources for Furloughed Agencies/Employees

We know that during a federal government shutdown, many employees and businesses in the DC Metro Area experience a sudden loss of income. We also know that the effects are not limited to federal employees and that there are trickle down impacts on our local economy. Here is a list of resources that are available for information and guidance.

Federal Government
Financial Institutions

Many banks, credit unions and credit card companies are offering assistance. Contact your financial institution to see what options are available for you.

Utilities and other assistance

Many gas and utility companies also are working with furloughed employees. Contact your company to see what options are available.

Nonprofit Resources
Takoma Park Silver Spring Co-op (TPSS)
  • All members who are furloughed due to the partial government shutdown are eligible for a TPSS Co-op line of credit through F.A.M (Furlough Assistance for Members). To learn more on this program and sign up:

  • The Co-op is also extending this program to all furloughed government workers who are not current Co-op members, by inviting them to join the Co-op for a $10 deposit paid now (on the $100 lifetime membership) to access the program.  To learn more on this program and sign up:
Resources for DC Residents
Resources for Montgomery County Residents
Resources for Prince George’s County Residents
Resources for Northern Virginia Residents