Published on: Monday, March 14, 2016 City Council & Mayor Blog

City Council 2016 Priorities

Photo of Kate Stewart, Mayor of Takoma Park
Kate Stewart, Mayor of Takoma Park

From Kate Stewart, Mayor of Takoma Park

For most journeys in life, it is good to have a map and a sense of the direction in which you want to head.  Our City Council is elected for two-year terms and is charged with setting policy, approving the budget and pursuing legislative changes in the best interests of the community.  To best address the needs of residents and ensure fiscal responsibility, establishing our “map” of priorities and how we plan to achieve the priorities is essential.

On Wednesday, February 24, 2016 the Council adopted a set of five overarching Priorities, along with Goals within each priority area and corresponding Desired Outcomes. The 2016 Priorities grew out of the Council’s annual retreats which were held in January and were honed at a Council work session before adoption. The Priorities and Goals build on the former Strategic Plan which had been adopted by prior City Councils. The Priorities document also provides a listing of major projects, initiatives, and ongoing activities that the Council and City staff will continue to work on.

The Priorities will inform the development of the City’s budget and will be our map, indicating the strategic direction the Council intends to move over the next year. The Council will regularly refer to the Priorities during its policy discussions.

As with any journey, there will be times we may need to make adjustments to address unforeseen issues or to change our direction to take advantage of new opportunities that may arise to achieve our desired outcomes.

The Council has already begun its work on a number of the goals set out. For example, in early February, we held a Community Conversation on Affordable Housing.

We hope you take a look at the Council Priorities and, throughout our term, provide us with ideas and feedback for how we might work best to address them.