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Commission on Landlord-Tenant Affairs (COLTA)

About the Commission on Landlord-Tenant Affairs (COLTA)

The Commission on Landlord-Tenant Affairs (COLTA) adjudicates and mediates complaints for violations of Takoma Park Municipal Code 6.16.

From Takoma Park Municipal Code Chapter 6.24 Commission on Landlord Tenant Affairs:

The Commission is empowered to adjudicate complaints for violations of Chapter 6.16, Landlord-Tenant Relations, to rule on petitions for rent increases above the rent stabilization allowance in accordance with Chapter 6.20, Rent Stabilization, and to decide appeals from the City Manager’s decision to deny, suspend or revoke a license under Chapter 6.08, Rental Housing Licenses. (Ord. 2013-25 § 1, 2013/Ord. 2003-24 § 3, 2003/Ord. 2003-7 § 1 (part), 2003: prior code § 6-601)

Commission on Landlord-Tenant Affairs (COLTA) Membership

The Commission on Landlord-Tenant Affairs shall consist of at least seven, but no more than 12 members appointed by the Council. The Council shall make every effort to ensure that the Commission has representation from landlords, tenants and homeowners. Members are appointed to three-year terms. Terms expire on June 30.

Commission on Landlord-Tenant Affairs (COLTA) Members

First NameLast NameWardRepresentingTerm Expiration
PamelaHouedjissi4Property Manager2024
Table: Current Commission on Landlord-Tenant Affairs (COLTA) members. Table maintained by City Clerk (clerk@takomaparkmd.gov)

Commission on Landlord-Tenant Affairs (COLTA) Meetings

Meetings and hearings are generally held at the Takoma Park Community Center – Sam Abbott Citizens’ Center located  at 7500 Maple Avenue, Takoma Park, MD 20912. Meeting dates and agenda deadlines are posted on the City Council, Board, Commission & Committee Calendar page.

Changes of location or date will be posted in the Community Center and noted on the City Council, Board, Commission & Committee Calendar page.

Commission on Landlord-Tenant Affairs (COLTA) Agendas & Approved Minutes

DateDocument Type / DescriptionTitle & Link (PDF)
2015-11-01COLTA Newsletter November 01, 2015 COLTA Newsletter
2015-09-29COLTA Quarterly Meeting SummarySeptember 29, 2015 COLTA Quarterly Meeting Summary
2015-01-01COLTA Annual ReportJanuary 01, 2015 COLTA Annual Report
2014-12-10Meeting MinutesDecember 10, 2014 COLTA Meeting Minutes
2012-12-11Meeting MinutesDecember 12, 2011 COLTA Meeting Minutes
2012-12-01COLTA NewsletterDecember 01, 2012 COLTA Newsletter
2012-02-01COLTA Newsletter February 01, 2012 COLTA Newsletter
2010-12-01Meeting MinutesDecember 01, 2010 COLTA Meeting Minutes
2009-07-22COLTA Annual ReportJuly 22, 2009 COLTA Annual Report
2007-07-01COLTA Annual ReportJuly 01, 2006 COLTA Annual Report
Table: Commission on Landlord-Tenant Affairs (COLTA) Agendas & Approved Minutes.

Commission on Landlord-Tenant Affairs (COLTA) Case Summaries

Commission on Landlord-Tenant Affairs (COLTA) Case Summaries

DateCase #Case & LinkCase Type
2010-12-2010-23LSimms v. MurtrieDefective Tenancy
2009-11-1309-09TSaunders v. Tenacity NH Ave, LLC et. alDefective Tenancy
2009-08-2709-06TABirchwood Tenant Association v. Patner PropertiesDefective Tenancy
2009-07-0609-03TSaunders v. Tenacity NH Ave, LLC et. alDefective Tenancy
2009-06-1809-08TAHampshire Towers Tenant Association v. Tenacity NH Ave, LLC et. alDefective Tenancy
2009-02-2508-16TGordon v. SimmsDefective Tenancy
2008-11-1908-13TMickey v. ErnstDefective Tenancy
2008-07-1508-04TMunoz v. 8314 Roanoke Avenue, LLCDefective Tenancy
2008-07-0808-02TBure v. Marydale Realty ManagementDefective Tenancy
2008-05-2107-45T and 08-03TLynott v. 8312 Flower Ave. Apartments, LLC/Eric DenchfieldDefective Tenancy
2008-04-2307-14TMeadows v. ForsytheDefective Tenancy
2008-01-0807-56TCooke v. Lee Avenue Apts., LLC/Eric DenchfieldDefective Tenancy
2007-10-1507-19TBradford/Corado v. ParkesDefective Tenancy
2011-08-0211-03TBrown-Thomas v. Deauville Associates LLP et. alEntry
2011-06-1511-02TAllen/Parrish v. Hillwood Manor Apts JV et. alEntry
2013-07-2613-08L240 Manor CircleFair Return Rent Increase Petition
2012-07-1811-15LHillwood Manor ApartmentsFair Return Rent Increase Petition
2012-04-2911-11LCarroll Gardens ApartmentsFair Return Rent Increase Petition
2010-12-0310-10T through 10-18TAllen et. al v. Hillwood Manor Apts., JV et. alIllegal Rent Increase
2010-04-1910-01THarper-Gonzalez v. Hillwood Manor Apts., JV et. alIllegal Rent Increase
2009-11-2309-18THenson v. 8314 Roanoke Ave., LLC/Reden Mgmt/Eric DenchfieldIllegal Rent Increase
2009-08-2609-10T through 09-12T, 09-14TSan Nicolas et. al v. 8708 Bradford Road LLC/Eric DenchfieldIllegal Rent Increase
2008-11-2508-17TFlores v. ShowunmiIllegal Rent Increase
2008-07-1508-11TLynott v. 8312 Flower Ave, LLC & Reden ManagementIllegal Rent Increase
2012-07-1012-04TMakoge v. Hillwood Manor Joint Venture, LLPNotice to Vacate
2010-04-2310-05TGordon v. SimmsNotice to Vacate
2012-11-0612-09TAkpadja v. 7401 New Hampshire Avenue, LLC et. alRetaliation
2012-09-2712-07TDouma/Vinas v. TwomeyRetaliation
2012-05-1211-14TSupan v. HillarySecurity Deposit
2011-12-2111-08TThomas C. Radman v. Marcelle DuPraw/Leah AllenSecurity Deposit
2011-03-1810-25THenson v. Exit Realty SolutionsSecurity Deposit
2010-08-1310-08TLavallee v. MendezSecurity Deposit
2009-11-2409-17TBattle v. GiakoumatosSecurity Deposit
2009-07-1009-05TFlores v. ShowunmiSecurity Deposit
2008-08-1907-67TSomers v. MendezSecurity Deposit
2008-07-2308-10TMyers v. MkakaileSecurity Deposit
2008-06-0308-01TNegassa v. Lee Avenue Apts, LLC & K&R Mgmt Group, Inc/Eric DenchfieldSecurity Deposit
2008-04-2307-64TMankiewicz v. EllmanSecurity Deposit
2007-10-0907-39TKaufman v. SilbermanSecurity Deposit
2007-05-3007-15TWilliams v. Reden Management/Eric DenchfieldSecurity Deposit
2007-04-1207-07TPayton v. Reden Management/Eric DenchfieldSecurity Deposit
Table: Commission on Landlord-Tenant Affairs (COLTA) Case Summaries

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