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Charter Amendment Resolutions

City Council Charter Amendment Resolutions

Adopted DateResolution NumberResolution Title & Link (PDF)
2019-11-132019-3Amendment to the Takoma Park City Charter Article VI City Council
2019-11-132019-2Amendment to the Takoma Park City Charter Article V City Council
2019-11-132019-1Amendment to the Takoma Park City Charter Article III City Council
2017-05-112017-01Nominations and Elections
2013-05-132013-01Voting and Elections
2011-06-112011-01Resolution to Amend Article II, Section 202, Description of Corporate Boundaries in the City of Takoma Municipal Charter
2006-04-102006-01Resolution to Amend the Elections Procedures of the City of Takoma Park Municipal Charter
Table: Takoma Park City Council charter amendment resolutions. Table maintained by the City Clerk's office. (

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