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Mayoral Proclamations

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Earth Day and Earth Month Proclamation (PDF)

WHEREAS, Earth Day was first celebrated on April 22, 1970 and today is observed throughout the month of April as Earth Month; and

WHEREAS, new and continuing challenges, including climate change, pollution, sea level rise, and loss of forests, wetlands, and other wildlife habitats reinforce the need for adequate protections for the air we breathe, the water we drink, the land we inhabit, and the animals we live alongside; and

WHEREAS, recent reports from the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the National Climate Assessment have made clear that we are in a global climate emergency by documenting the extent, speed, and acceleration of global climate change and planetary warming and their dramatic effects on our Earth; and

WHEREAS, the most vulnerable populations, which are often black, indigenous, or people of color, will be disproportionately impacted by the effects of climate change, exacerbating unemployment, displacement, and homelessness; and

WHEREAS, communities, neighborhoods and residents most vulnerable to climate impacts tend to be the least prepared to manage and recover, and our youth will see the long-term results of a dramatically changing climate; and

WHEREAS, the City of Takoma Park declared a Climate Emergency in 2019, a Climate Emergency Response Framework for Takoma Park was adopted in 2020; and the City of Takoma Park has committed to the aggressive climate action goal of achieving Net Zero emissions by 2035; and

WHEREAS, Earth Day reaffirms our responsibility in the global effort to combat climate change and protect our planet for all.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, TALISHA SEARCY, MAYOROF THE CITY OF TAKOMA PARK,hereby proclaim April 22, 2024 as Earth Day and the month of April as Earth Month in the City, and call on residents to reflect on our environmental impact and commit to positive change by participating in local level efforts including the upcoming Earth Day Celebration on April 20, 2024.

Proclaimed this 10th day of April, 2024.

Talisha Searcy

2024 City Proclamations


Arbor Day Proclamation (PDF)

Earth Day and Earth Month Proclamation (PDF)

Proclamation Recognizing the 10th Anniversary of the Takoma Park Safe Grow Act (PDF)


Women’s History Month Proclamation (PDF)

Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month Proclamation (PDF)


Lee Jordan Day in Takoma Park (PDF)


Mayoral Proclamations - 2023

DateMayoral Proclamations
2023-12-13Honoring the Forty Year Anniversary of Takoma Park’s Nuclear-Free Zone
2023-11-01Municipal Government Works Month
2023-11-01Proclamation Recognizing the Hishmeh Brothers
for Operating a Business in Takoma Park for 50 Years/a>
2023-11-08Recognizing the 30th Anniversary of Noncitizen Voting and
10th Anniversary of 16- and 17- Year Old Voting in Takoma Park
2023-09-06National Preparedness Month
2023-09-0615th Anniversary of New Hampshire Car Wash
2023-09-01Honoring the Community of Support for the TKPK 5K Race
2023-09-13Welcoming Week 2023
2023-09-20Honoring the Service of Kayleigh de la Puente as Executive Director
of the Takoma-Langley Crossroads Development Authority
2023-09-20Suicide Prevention Awareness Month
2023-09-27Walk & Roll to School Day
2023-07-12Bebe Moore Campbell
National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month
2023-07-12Parks and Recreation Month
2023-06-21Pollinator Week
2023-06-21World Refugee Day
2023-05-24Gun Violence Awareness Day
2023-03-01Women's History Month
2023-02-01Black History Month
2023-01-25Proclamation Recognizing the Closing of Takoma Framers
2023-01-25Proclamation Recognizing the Closing of Kinetic Artistry
2023-01-25Proclamation Recognizing the Closing of Mark’s Kitchen

Mayoral Proclamations - 2022

DateMayoral Proclamations
2022-10-12Indigenous Peoples’ Day
2022-10-12Walk & Roll to School Day - October 12, 2022
2022-09-28National Hispanic Heritage Month
2022-09-21Car Free Day
2022-09-14Welcoming Week 2022
2022-09-14Emergency Preparedness Month
2022-09-14Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Takoma Post #350 Veterans of Foreign Wars
2022-07-20Park & Recreation Month
2022-07-0125th Anniversary of Takoma Park Unification
2022-06-15World Refugee Day 2022
2022-06-15Juneteenth 2022
2022-06-01National Gun Violence Awareness Day
2022-06-01Chesapeake Bay Awareness Week
2022-05-25Foster Parent Recognition Month
2022-05-18Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month
2022-05-11Bike to Work Day
2022-05-11Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) Awareness Day
2022-04-06Arbor Day
2022-04-06National Public Health Week
2022-03-16Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month
2022-03-09Recognition of Two Years Fighting the COVID-19 Pandemic
2022-03-02Women's History Month
2022-02-23Invasive Species Awareness Week
2022-02-02Black History Month

Mayoral Proclamations - 2021

DateMayoral Proclamations
2021-11-03Recognizing the Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN) and Volunteers for Their Work Removing Invasive Vines and Protecting Trees in the City
2021-10-06Indigenous Peoples' Day
2021-09-29Energy Efficiency Day 2021
2021-09-08National Preparedness Month - September 2021
2021-09-08Car Free Day - Wednesday, September 22, 2021
2021-07-28Bebe Moore Campbell National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month - July 2021
2021-06-17LGBTQ+ Pride Month 2021
2021-06-16Juneteenth 2021
2021-06-16World Refugee Day 2021
2021-06-02National Gun Violence Awareness Day
2021-06-02Immigrant Heritage Month - June 2021
2021-06-05Chesapeake Bay Awareness Week - June 5-13, 2021
2021-05-19Achievements of the District 20 Delegation in the 2021 Legislative Session
2021-05-192021 Foster Care Recognition Month
2021-05-19Bike to Work Day - Friday, May 21, 2021
2021-05-12Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month
2021-05-05Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) Awareness Day
2021-04-07Supporting Arbor Day 2021 in Takoma Park
2021-03-17Proclaiming March 20, 2021 "MeatOut Day" in Takoma Park
2021-02-10Centennial of Takoma Park Troop 33
2021-01-27Recognizing the Shepherds of Zion Ministries International Church for their Service and Support to the Community During the COVID-19 Pandemic
2021-01-27Recognizing International Holocaust Remembrance Day
2021-01-13Entry into Force of the United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons
Table: Takoma Park City Mayoral Proclamations for calendar year 2021. Table maintained by the City Clerk's office. (

Mayoral Proclamations - 2020

DateMayoral Proclamations
2020-11-18Crossroads Farmers Market and Market Ambassadors
2020-11-18Small Business Saturday
2020-11-18Municipal Government Works Month
2020-11-18Mayor Pro Tem
2020-10-21Proclamation Recognizing Young People Holding Bake Sales for
The Movement for Black Lives Organization
2020-10-14Proclamation Recognizing the Takoma/Langley Crossroads Development Authority for Its Support to the Crossroads Businesses During the COVID-19 Pandemic
2020-10-14Proclamation Recognizing National Arts and Humanities Month
2020-10-14Recognizing the Old Takoma Business Association for Its Support to the Takoma Business District During the COVID-19 Pandemic
2020-10-07Proclamation Recognizing the Takoma Park Silver Spring Co-op for Its Service and Support to the Community During the COVID-19 Pandemic
2020-10-07International Pronouns Day
2020-10-07Indigenous Peoples Day
2020-10-07Energy Efficiency Day
2020-09-23Proclamation Recognizing Area Parent Teacher Associations for Community Assistance During the COVID-19 Pandemic
2020-09-23Hispanic Heritage Month September 15 – October 15, 2020
Table: Takoma Park City Mayoral Proclamations for calendar year 2020. Table maintained by the City Clerk's office. (

Mayoral Proclamations - 2019

DateMayoral Proclamations
2019-03-20Arbor Day
2019-03-20Love Your Local Day
2019-03-20MeatOut Day
2019-05-08Public Service Week
2019-05-01Bike to Work Week
2019-05-08Public Service Week
2019-06-05Chesapeake Bay Week
2019-06-05Gun Violence Awareness Day
2019-06-05Immigrant Heritage Month
2019-09-11National Preparedness Month
2018-09-11Car Free Day
2019-10-02Energy Efficiency Day
2019-11-06Small Business Saturday
2019-11-18Takoma Park Volunteer Fire Department
Table: Takoma Park City Mayoral Proclamations for calendar year 2019. Table maintained by the City Clerk's office. (

Mayoral Proclamations - 2018

DateMayoral Proclamations
2018-02-21Rare Disease Day
2018-09-05National Preparedness Month
2018-10-03Indigenous People's Day
2018-10-17International Pronouns Day
2018-11-14Small Business Saturday
2018-12-05Dance Exchange
Table: Takoma Park City Mayoral Proclamations for calendar year 2018. Table maintained by the City Clerk's office. (

Mayoral Proclamations - 2017

DateMayoral Proclamations
2017-11-15Appointment of Mayor Pro Tempore
2017-11-15Proclaiming November as Municipal Government Works Month
2017-11-01Small Business Saturday - November 25, 2017
2017-09-13National Preparedness Month
2017-05-24National Gun Violence Awareness Day in Takoma Park - June 2, 2017


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