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Housing & Community Development
City of Takoma Park
7500 Maple Avenue
Takoma Park, MD 20912


8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Monday – Friday
Takoma Park Community Center
3rd Floor

Housing & Community Development | Staff Directory

First Name Last Name Position Email Phone Extension
Yohannes Bennehoff Planning Intern YohannesB@takomaparkmd.gov 301-891-7217
Samira Cook Gaines Community Development Manager (Economic Development) Samiracg@takomaparkmd.gov 301-891-7217
Jamee Ernst Planner JameeE@takomaparkmd.gov 301.891.7213
Rosalind Grigsby Community Development Manager RosalindG@takomaparkmd.gov 301-891-7205
Jennifer Hale Grants Coordinator jenniferh@takomaparkmd.gov 301-891-7131
Jean Kerr Housing Specialist JeanK@takomaparkmd.gov 301-891-7216
Patricia Mallin Licensing Specialist PattiM@takomaparkmd.gov 301-891-7255
Lucy Neher Safe Routes to School Coordinator LucyN@takomaparkmd.gov 301-891-7235
Brendan Smith Arts Coordinator brendans@takomaparkmd.gov 301-891-7266
Grayce Wiggins Community Development Manager (Housing Division) graycew@takomaparkmd.gov 301-891-7222
Moses A. Wilds, Jr. Landlord/Tenant Mediator MosesW@takomaparkmd.gov 301-891-7215
Bryan Yamasaki Administrative Assistant BryanY@takomaparkmd.gov 301-891-7219

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