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Economic Development

Doing Business in Takoma Park

Takoma Park businesses and commercial property owners can benefit from tax breaks and incentive programs:

  • Long Branch / Takoma Park Enterprise Zone – Businesses and owners of commercial property within the designated area may be eligible for employment and property tax credits as well as other waivers or exemptions.
  • Façade Easement Grants – Eligible activities include visible improvements to building façades and surrounding areas, such as painting, window replacement, awnings, lighting, and signage; and permanent landscaping features such as outdoor benches, tables, and chairs.
Property owners on the New Ave discuss the corridor's development.
Property owners on the New Ave discuss the corridor’s development.


Takoma Park is committed to becoming a more sustainable city. Consider these ways to green your business:

Are you doing business in Takoma Park? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Businesses are required to recycle.
  • Takoma Park bans polystyrene packaging.
  • Most exterior renovations (e.g.: a new sign) require review and approval, especially if you are in the Historic District.
  • Displaying your shop’s wares on public sidewalks requires a Sidewalk Sales Permit.
  • Mobile vendors (e.g.: food trucks) need a license to operate.

The following local business associations and additional resources are at your disposal:

Housing and Community Development Sections