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Yard Waste & Fall Leaf Collection

2017 Fall Leaf Collection Dates: Fall leaf collection starts Monday, November 20, 2017 and continues through Friday, December 22, 2017. See below for details.

2017 Fall Collection Dates

Fall leaf collection starts Monday, November 20, 20167 and continues through Friday, December 22, 2017. 

Collection Routes With Assigned Days

  • Carroll, Ethan Allen and Philadelphia: Saturday, November 25 and Monday, December 18.
  • Flower and Piney Branch: Friday, November 17 and Saturday, December 16.

About Yard Waste & Fall Leaf Collection

The Public Works Department collects yard waste from all single-family homes and most small apartment buildings within the City of Takoma Park year round. Yard waste collection is a curbside collection service and is offered once a week on Mondays.

Public Works also offers curbside loose leaf collection in the fall. See the Fall Leaf Collection heading for details.

Important Yard Waste Collection Information

  • Yard waste collection is cancelled when a holiday is observed on a Monday. The Holiday Collection Schedule page details how the schedule is set and when collection dates are changed due to a holiday.
  • Grass, leaves, branches and brush are collected all year long.
  • Branches must be less than four feet long and less than three inches in diameter and tied into small bundles or stacked in a trash can.
  • Leaves and loose yard materials need to be in paper bags, trash cans or stiff-sided containers.
  • Plastic bags cannot be used for yard waste collection. Yard waste in Takoma Park is composted; the plastic interferes with the composting process.
  • Christmas trees are collected with yard waste. Place Christmas trees on the curbside with other yard waste. All tinsel, ornaments and stands must be removed.
Yard Waste Can
Branches must be less than four feet long and less than three inches in diameter and tied into small bundles or stacked in a trash can.

Upcoming Holiday Collection Schedule Changes

December 25, 2017

Holiday Collection Schedule Calendar

January 2018

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat


Fall Leaf Collection

Loose leaf collection is provided by Public Works in the late fall. Leaves raked to the curb by residents are collected via vacuum trucks operated by Public Works. Pick-up dates vary by year; they generally start in mid-November and continue for a five week period through mid-December. Notification of specific dates will be mailed to residents and also posted in the Takoma Park Newsletter and this website. Leaf collection is dependent on the weather; rain or freezing conditions can slow collection.

Most streets do not have an assigned collection day. Residents can rake leaves to the curb at their convenience during the five week period.

Collection Routes With Assigned Collection Dates

There are five streets that receive collection on scheduled dates. Most of these streets are Maryland State Highway Administration routes and typically have a heavy volume of traffic. The routes are:

  • Carroll Avenue / MD 195 (7000 to 7800 block)
  • Ethan Allen Avenue / MD 410
  • Philadelphia Avenue / MD 410
  • Piney Branch Road / MD 320
  • Flower Avenue (7900 to 8600 block)

Leaf Collection Hotline

Public Works has a Leaf Collection Hotline in season. The Leaf Collection Hotline number is 301-891-7626. Call the Leaf Collection Hotline to notify Public Works when leaves have been raked out to the curb. Public Works tries to collect leaf piles reported on the hotline within 10 days of a call.

Important Fall Leaf Collection Information

  • The fall leaf collection schedule is subject to holiday changes. The Holiday Collection Schedule page details how the schedule is set and when collection dates are changed due to a holiday.
  • Leaves should be placed into a pile at the edge of the curb.
  • Avoid piling leaves where cars are likely to be parked.
  • Do not rake leaves into the street. Leaf piles create traffic hazards.
  • Do not include branches, brush, vines, rocks or debris. These items damage equipment and delay collection.
  • Do not pile leaves near storm drain inlets. Leaves can block the drains and cause flooding problems.
  • Do not park your car in front of a leaf pile. Restricting access to leaf piles delays collection.

Got a Question?

Please direct your questions and concerns related to holiday collection schedule changes to Public Works:

Public Works


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Plastic Bags No Longer Accepted Curbside

As of July 1, 2015 plastic film and plastic bags can no longer accepted in the City's collection curbside recycling program.

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