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The City of Takoma Park wants to help make its community members energy aware. Energy consumption is the leading cause of carbon pollution in Takoma Park and it is involved in almost everything we do; lowering our energy intensity is a step towards combating climate change.

The largest areas of energy consumption are electricity and natural gas to heat and power our homes. 77% of the greenhouse gases in Takoma Park come from residential and commercial buildings. Tackling energy use through efficiency and fuel switching can provide avenues for the City to meet our climate change commitments.

TaKoma Park is Leading the Way

As part of the City’s lead by example initiative, the City of Takoma Park has purchased 100% green power for its municipal operations since 2004. This includes the electricity needs for all municipal buildings, streetlights, and operations. It also includes 12 public electric vehicle charging stations throughout the city. Takoma Park has installed solar PV on all suitable municipal rooftops, and has hosted numerous solar co-ops helping to increase residential and commercial installation of rooftop solar PV by over 40% the last 5 years.

Takoma Park Energy Goals

The city of Takoma Park is committed to the Paris Accord, in the #WeAreStillIn campaign to push ahead in the fight against climate change. Along with the Paris Accord, Takoma Park is part of the Global Covenant of Mayors and Sustainable Maryland. Takoma Park is committed to these efforts and the standards they have for GHG reduction. In conjunction with these alliances, the City recently passed a DECLARATION OF A CLIMATE EMERGENCY with an aspirational goal of achieving net ZERO emissions by 2035 with building stock efficiency of the highest priority.


Energy Efficiency

We are committed to helping residents make their homes more efficient through our energy efficiency rebates. The City currently offers rebates up to $500 dollars for approved energy efficiency upgrades.

Takoma Park Rebate- Up to $500

Montgomery County Tax Credit- Up to $250

Pepco Rebate- Up to $7,500

Visit our Energy Efficiency Rebates page for more information: HERE

During our two large energy efficiency pushes in Takoma Park, the GU Energy Prize Competition and the Neighborhood Energy Challenge, the City helped get 240 homes audited and 67 homes received energy efficiency upgrades.

City of Takoma Park’s Neighborhood Energy Challenge (Wind)

Takoma Park’s Neighborhood Energy Challenge yielded great results. With approximately 3,850 electric accounts in Takoma Park, the campaign resulted in 17% (652 accounts) choosing 100% green power, representing roughly 5% of the total kWh consumed city-wide. 6.5% of the City’s electricity comes from renewables thanks in part to those that are enrolled in renewable choice programs. Check out the different renewable choice programs available in Takoma Park: HERE

Campaign Results:

  • 17% of accounts chose 100% renewable electricity
  • Roughly 75% of the renewable energy in the City came from the Neighborhood Energy Challenge


Renewable Energy

Electricity is engrained everything we do, and having electricity come from carbon free sources is imperative for the City to meet our carbon emission reduction goals. Standard Pepco electricity is generated from over 55% coal and natural gas, leading to 930.6lbs of CO2 per MWh of electricity created.

There are alternatives that provide customers and Takoma Park residents with clean, renewable electricity. All residents that pay their own electricity bill can make the switch to clean energy! Take a look at Green Options below.


There are also options for residents to enroll in Community Solar or to install solar on your roof. Drastic decline in solar prices have made it extremely competitive. Different financing or leasing options make the jump to solar much easier than even 5 years ago.

What is Community Solar? Find out: HERE




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