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Public Art

You can find public art across Takoma Park, including sculptures, murals, and more. A public art map shows the locations of City-funded public art projects so take a trip around town and check them out!

The following is a sampling of some of our projects:

Oct O’Clock Installation and Parade

Fiber artist Stacy Cantrell created a giant 17-foot-tall crocheted octopus that landed on the downtown Takoma Park clock tower in 2018. It lived there for about six months before it was given to the Takoma Children’s School in a City-sponsored contest. You can see a parade of kids who moved the octopus to their school in this WJLA segment.

Bird Calls Phone

Artists David Shulman and Howard Connelly collaborated on an interactive installation titled Bird Calls, which reprogrammed a pay phone so it plays bird calls from local bird species along with information about the birds.  Push button 5 and you hear a rooster in homage to Takoma Park’s legendary Roscoe. Dial a 7 and you’ll hear a pileated woodpecker. Check out this fun WJLA 7 segment about the phone which was refurbished in 2019 with a new canary-yellow handset and two large feather banners.

Prince George’s and Conway Avenues Mural

Muralist Michael Kirby painted a mural on the 253-foot-long concrete retaining wall facing New Hampshire Avenue at the corner of Conway and Prince George’s Avenues.  The mural was completed in 2017 after meetings with community members.   

Oct O’Clock installation on the Takoma Park clock tower


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