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Piney Branch Elementary School Addition and Pool

Piney Branch Elementary School Expansion and Feasibility Study

Montgomery County Public School officials are discussing ways to address the growing school-aged population in the County in the context of its Capital Improvement Plan for school facilities. MCPS has conducted a feasibility study of Piney Branch Elementary School (PBES)  to evaluate space needs and options for addressing those needs, including trade-offs and costs. Community meetings were held in early 2017.


UPDATE — January 2020
The MCPS FY21 Capital Budget was released in December 2019. The plan for Piney Branch Elementary School states:

A comprehensive capacity study to address overutilization at several elementary schools in the lower section of the Downcounty Consortium was conducted during the 2014-2015 school year. This capacity study included the following schools: East Silver Spring, Forest Knolls, Highland View, Montgomery Knolls, New Hampshire Estates, Oak View, Takoma Park, Pine Crest, Piney Branch, Rolling Terrace, Sligo Creek and Woodlin Elementary schools.

Based on revised enrollment projections, enrollment at Piney Branch Elementary School will exceed 125 seats by the end of the six-year planning period. Piney Branch Elementary School is located on the smallest site in the county at 1.9 acres and there is little to no room for relocatable classrooms to accommodate overutilization at the school. Therefore, the Board of Education’s Requested FY2017-2022 CIP included a five classroom addition for this school to address the space deficit. The County Council’s adopted FY2017-2022 CIP includes funding for this project, with planning to begin in FY 2019. An FY 2019 appropriation was approved to begin planning this addition. An FY 2020 appropriation was approved for construction funds.

During the planning and design phase of this project, it was determined that there were a number of challenges, including site constraints to complete this project. The KFI assessment for this facility also points to the need for a comprehensive facility upgrades. Therefore, the requested FY 2021-2026 CIP removes the approved expenditures for this addition project and, instead, identifies Piney Branch Elementary School as part of the next set of schools in the Major Capital Projects project. The requested FY 2021-2026 CIP does not include any expenditures for this project; however, future expenditures will be considered as part of the next full CIP cycle.

MCPS Board of Education Requested FY21 Budget and the FY 2021–2026 Capital Improvements Program


The Board of Education has included funds for design and construction in the FY2019 Capital Budget and  the FY 2019–2024 Capital Improvements Program:

To address the current and projected over-utilization at the school, an addition project was approved at Piney Branch Elementary School with a completion date of September 2021. An FY 2017 appropriation for facility planning was approved to conduct a feasibility study to determine the feasibility, scope and cost of the project. An FY 2019 appropriation is recommended to begin the architectural design for an addition project. The recommended completion date is September 2021. In order for this project to be completed on this schedule, county and state funding must be provided at the levels recommended in this CIP.

For further information, including links to meeting materials, please visit the PBES Addition Project page on the Montgomery County Puclic Schools website or contact Gary D. Mosesman,  Project manager.

Options for a Pool in Takoma Park

One option  under consideration as part of the school expansion study is to close the pool at PBES to make way for additional classroom space. While the City recognizes the need for classroom expansion, the Takoma Park City Council has raised  concerns that expansion at PBES could mean that the pool might be shut down permanently without a plan for replacement.

 Contact Info

Phone: 301-891-7119
Email: planning@takomaparkmd.gov

Project Info & Timeline

  • Target completion date: On hold
  • Takoma Park’s role in project: Liaison for city residents
  • Departments involved:  Housing and Community Development

Budget & Funding Source

Budget: Not determined
Funding Source: Montgomery County Public Schools

Links & Notes

MCPS Board of Education Requested FY21 Budget and the FY 2021–2026 Capital Improvements Program, December 2019

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Briefing on the Board of Education’s Requested CIP Budget                    (December 14, 2015 Presentation to Council)


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