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Streetlight Replacement Project

About the Streetlight Replacement Project

The goal of the streetlight replacement project is to improve the quality of street lighting in Takoma Park. Benefits of the project include energy savings, cost savings, reduced light pollution, improved reliability, and an improvement in overall quality of street light. On October 24, 2018, the City council approved staff recommendation to replace the existing streetlight with LED fixtures through the PEPCO conversion program.

Current Project Status

Lighting Maintenance Inc. a subcontractor for PEPCO began the street light replacement the  second week of December, 2018 and completed the work in July, 2019.

Residents who wish to request additional shielding on the new streetlights in the case of light intrusion into bedroom windows can send an email with the request, address, and your contact information to: publicworks@takomaparkmd.gov. Please include the pole number for the fixture and nearest address.

Project Background

The discussion concerning the benefits of replacing the City’s streetlights began about ten years ago. The discussion  has included staff presentations to City Council in April, 2015, March, 2016 and October, 2016. At the October 2016 meeting, City Council authorized staff to pursue the conversion of existing streetlights to LED technology via Resolution 2016-41. The Council Resolution directed staff and Pepco to ensure that all replacement fixtures be International Dark Sky Association (IDA) Certified,  3,000 Kelvin according to IDA requirements, and address areas that may be over lit or under lit throughout the City.

Following the Council’s Resolution, Pepco initiated a full inventory of existing streetlights to identify the light levels, type, and location of each streetlight for which the City was billed. Based on that inventory, the street lights in the City are currently 80% high pressure sodium, 9% incandescent, 6% mercury vapor, and 5% LED.

The number of each type of streetlight to be replaced:

  • 776 High pressure sodium (HPS) 70 watt fixtures
  • 230 HPS 100 watt fixtures
  • 78 HPS 150 watt fixtures
  • 104 HPS 250 watt fixtures
  • 14 HPS 400 watt fixtures
  • 82 Mercury Vapor 175 watt fixtures
  • 247 Incandescent fixtures

In June 2018 Pepco installed test fixtures on Erie Avenue, Oswego Avenue, and Hickory Avenue. Based on feedback, a second round of testing is now being conducted on Hickory Avenue to test for both reduced brightness and a warmer (white) color. The new test installed on October 1, 2018 on Hickory Avenue has fixtures that are 2,700K set to 24 Watts; 3,000K set to 24 Watts; and 3,000K set to 19 Watts.

Project Lead & Contact Info

Daryl Braithwaite
Director Public Works
Phone: 301-891-7633
Email: DarylB@takomaparkmd.gov 


Streetlight Replacement Details

Project Info & Timeline

  • Completion date: July, 2019
  • Takoma Park’s role in project: Lead
  • Departments involved: Public Works

Budget & Funding Source

The City currently pays approximately $233,000 annually for street light electricity and fixture maintenance. $180,000 is paid to Pepco for maintenance and operation, taxes, and fees; $53,000 is paid to WGL for the electricity use (100% Wind).

Based on Pepco’s calculations, the reduction in energy use and maintenance costs will result in a savings of approximately $50,000 to $100,000 annually. The overall cost of the program is expected to be $372,000 and the City anticipates a $260,000 rebate from the Empower Maryland Program. Based on the projected annual savings, the program will pay for itself in less than two years and those savings from reduced energy use and maintenance costs will carry through for the life of the fixtures.

Links & Notes

Project Milestones

2018: December, PEPCO Sub-Contractor Lighting Maintenance Inc. to begin the replacement in Ward 6, then move through the wards in reverse order (5,4,3,2,1)

2018: October 24, City Council Discussion and passage of Resolution Approving LED Streetlight Conversion

2018: October 17, City Council Discussion of Resolution and Ordinance Regarding LED Streetlights

2018: October 1, Second test fixtures installed or updated on Hickory Avenue. A tour of LED installations will take place on October 8, 2018. Interested parties should meet behind the Community Center at 7:30 pm.

2018: First test fixtures for the streetlight update project installed on Hickory Avenue, Erie Avenue, and Oswego Avenue

2017: Pepco begins inventory of streetlights

2016: Participated in the Department of Energy Better Buildings Outdoor Lighting Accelerator Program

  • Received technical assistance on LED streetlight technology
  • Received technical assistance to evaluate project financing and ownership options

2016: City Council passes Resolution 2016-41

2015: First LED streetlight pilot project in Takoma Park installed on Flower Avenue as first phase of the Flower Avenue Green Street Project. Fixtures are 4,000K and 35-70 Watts.

2015: Consulted with two Energy Savings Companies (ESCOs) on LED conversion and opportunities for private-public partnership

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