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Streetscape Manual

 About the Streetscape Manual

The project will produce a document that identifies the specifications (type, size, color, etc.) and locations of all streetscape elements in City’s public right-of-way, including notes on installation and vendor options. The Streetscape Manual does not set new policy or revise regulations and standards, but rather codifies the City’s existing policies, decisions, and practices that relate to improving and maintaining streetscapes in Takoma Park. The Manual is intended to be updated annually, incorporating new products, policies, and practices that are adopted or initiated on a project basis.

Current Project Status

The Takoma Park Streetscape Manual was adopted by City Council Resolution on July 20, 2016.

In  November of 2019, the City’s Planning Division created an interactive web map which displays the updated locations and conditions of all Streetscape objects. Individual Streetcape features can be turned on/off under the Content section in the left window pane. Clicking on a Streetscape object will open a pop-up window displaying all data for that object.

In December of 2019 the City began working to update the physical version of the Streetscape Manual and plans to complete the update by Winter 2020.

The update to the physical version of the Streetscape Manual was completed in January of 2021.

Project Lead & Contact Info

Rosalind Grigsby
Community Development Manager
Phone: 301-891-7205

Streetscape Manual Update Details

Project Info & Timeline

Budget & Funding Source

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Links & Notes

Takoma Park Streetscape Manual Web Map

2021 Takoma Park Streetscape Manual

2016 Takoma Park Streetscape Manual

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