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Takoma Junction Development Review

The Takoma Junction City-owned parking lot is the site for planned redevelopment. The City has partnered with Neighborhood Development Company (NDC) for the project.

Montgomery County Development Review

In the City of Takoma Park, development review and zoning authority lie with the Montgomery County Planning Department. For general information about development review in Takoma Park, please see Development Review.

Current Status

NDC submitted plans for the Montgomery County Development Review in December 2018.  The County will review the submission and, when  the County accepts the application, the documents will be posted on the Development Activity Information Center on their website for Application # 120190150.


A pre-submission public meeting was held Tuesday, November 27, 2018  at the Takoma Park Middle School to review the proposed Site Plan and Preliminary Plan applications. Presentation slides.

The pre-submission meeting, as required by the Montgomery County Development Review process, is no more than 90 calendar days before the initial application date. "The purpose of the meeting is to explain the proposed project, address concerns about its impact on the community, and notify those attending of their right to participate in the review process." (4.B. Pre-submission Public Meeting:   http://www.montgomeryplanning.org/info/documents/DevReviewProcedures.pdf)

The plans, including the level of detail for the pre-submission meeting, look like the plans approved by Council. Through the County Development Review, the details regarding specific issues (traffic impact, fire and rescue, pedestrian crossing, etc.) will be worked out with the various agencies participating in the review. Aspects of the plan may change in response to the feedback and requirements of the agencies.  When the plan is submitted to the County and accepted,  the County will post documents on their website: www.montgomeryplanning.org

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