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Outdoor Cafe Permit


To regulate the establishment and permitting of outdoor cafes operating within the public right-of-way as authorized in Takoma Park Code Section 8.16.090.

On June 3, 2020, Council approved temporary street closures for outdoor seating for restaurants and cafes. Resolution 2020-13: Supporting Small Businesses and Advancing Public Health by Allowing the Use of Public and Private Space for Outdoor Seating, Sales and Customer Pickup.

Outdoor Café Permit Required

Licensed food service facilities must obtain an Outdoor Café Permit from the City prior to establishing an outdoor dining area located within the public right of way for purposes of serving food and alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages to patrons.

Application Form
City Code
City Administrative Regulations

Outdoor Cafe Permit Fee – Waived

UPDATE – June 9, 2020

The City Manager has temporarily waived all fees for outdoor seating during the Covid 19 restrictions. 

Activities Exempt from Outdoor Café Permit Requirement

Vendors participating in a permitted Special Event or an authorized Farmers Market are exempt from the permitting requirements of this regulation.

Information on Laurel Avenue Street Closure

Community Feedback Regarding Street Closures




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