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Curbside Electric Vehicle Charging Permits

There are three options for installing an electric vehicle (EV) charging stations for your home or business:

If you already have off-street parking such as a garage, driveway, or parking pad:
Apply for an electrical permit from Montgomery County for an existing driveway, garage or parking pad. No additional City of Takoma Park permit is required.

If you are installing NEW off-street parking, garage, driveway, or parking pad:
Apply for a City of Takoma Park driveway apron permit for the apron portion of the driveway. Construction of the driveway or parking pad may need a county construction permit as would a garage. Check with the County Department of Permitting Services.

For the EV Charger apply for a Montgomery County electrical permit.

Curbside Residential Charging Station Within the Public Right of Way
If the property does not have any off-street parking, and can meet all installation qualifications in the public right of way (ROW), a City of Takoma Park Curbside Charging Permit, Takoma Park Indemnity and Insurance Agreement, and a Montgomery County electrical permit are required. Permits will be issued for Level 1 and Level 2 EV chargers. If you are interested in installing a DC Fast Charger in the ROW please contact Sustainability Manager, Gina Mathias, at before applying.

Signs to enforce ICE’ing will be granted on a case-by-case basis dependent upon parking conditions on your street. If approved, you may purchase the approved sign from Public Works, which will enable ticketing of vehicles blocking the station.

Required Tree Impact Assessments

If you are adding a driveway, parking pad, garage, or installing a Curbside EV charger within 50 feet of an Urban Forest Tree, located on your property, on a neighbor’s land, or City right-of-way, you must submit a Request for a Tree Impact Assessment.

It is recommended to submit the Tree Impact Assessment FIRST. For more information on Tree Permits:


For curbside units once construction is complete, an inspection is required by the City of Takoma Park Public Works Department.


The owner is responsible for the safe operation of the EV charging station and must follow the conditions of the permits. The owner is solely responsible for any and all liability and damage associated with the station. If the ROW permit is revoked, the property owner is responsible for removing the EV charging equipment and restoring the public right of way to its original condition.

Willing to Consider Other Options

The City of Takoma Park is modeling its guidelines on those established by Montgomery County.

If none of the options presented suit your specific needs we invite you to contact us with a proposal. The City is willing to evaluate the feasibility and safety of other options. Please email the Sustainability Manager, Gina Mathias, at

Indemnity Agreement


Design and Placement Guidelines for curbside charging stations:

  • The space must comply with existing posted parking restrictions;
  • Avoid conflicts with other utility infrastructure (existing utilities and laterals must be shown on site diagram for permit);
  • Installation shall be at least 6 feet from fire hydrants;
  • Avoid interference with vehicular sight lines at street corners or driveways;
  • Minimize the removal of vegetation;
  • Maximize the number of parking spaces the EV charging station could serve;
  • EV charging station cords must not cross over sidewalks, walkways, or driveways;
  • Installation shall be at least 18 inches from the face of the curb (in the planting strip if one is present); and,
  • Preserve sidewalk width (path of travel), no less than 3 feet.
  • Position the EV charging station such that the stored connector is at a height of 24 inches to 48 inches above the parking surface;
  • The owner is solely responsible for the protection of the station and may use a concrete-filled steel bollard if there is not an adequate curb and setback;
  • You may install an enclosure.lock, or cage around the EV charging station to protect and control its use; if the charging station is not fully enclosed, the charging station cord and connector must be secured when not in use;
  • Orient the EV charging station such that an enclosure door will not open past the curb face or over the sidewalk;
  • The owner is responsible for any and all liability associated with the charging station;
  • Minimize the size of any enclosure around a charging station or cord. Colors and materials for any enclosure should minimize their visibility and integrate with the design of surrounding buildings and landscaping;
  • No advertising is permitted on the charging station or associated enclosure.
  • The City has the right to refuse a permit if conditions cannot be met or for reasons not listed. Any refusal will be explained.

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