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ARPA - City Operations

ARPA funds will help maintain funding of City programs and services to residents. City Operations projects include:

Premium Pay: A total of $241,400 was distributed to 71 essential employees (Police and Public Works) in FY22.

Salaries & Fringe Benefits: The administration of the ARPA Program is made possible through three temporary staff positions: ARPA Manager, IT Analyst, Accounting Assistant. The City Council approved a four-year budget of $2,005,000 for program administration. To date, a total of $67,638 has been expended for salaries and benefits.

Public Space Management: The purpose of this project is to develop a Public Space Management Plan to provide a vision, goals, and guidance on how public space will be used and maintained in Takoma Park. ARPA funds for this project total $90,000. The community is invited to join the Planning Division for an unveiling of the first draft of the Public Space Management Plan on Tuesday, August 23. at 7:00 pm.

Financial Software Upgrade: The City’s financial software will be upgraded to help City staff administer ARPA funds and City services more efficiently (budget monitoring, expense tracking, procurement, other administrative functions), facilitate greater transparency, and public reporting. ARPA funds in the amount of $165,000 have been budgeted for this project.

Interactive Online Budget Platform: The purchase of a user-friendly, interactive web-based tool will help residents, Council and staff navigate the City’s operating, ARPA and capital budgets. This platform will help users understand how the City spends its money, make it easier for the City to arrive at budget decisions, and preserve fiscal resources. ARPA funds, in the amount of $124,000, will be used for this project in FY23.

Street Rehabilitation: ARPA funds will be used in FY23 to rehabilitate city streets as identified in fair or poor condition up to the $273,825 in available funding.

Revenue Replacement: In FY22, $1,191,900 in ARPA grant funds were applied to the City’s General Fund to replace revenue lost, or revenue not received, during the pandemic for services and programs traditionally provided by the City.

Community Engagement: ARPA funds, in the amount of $20,000, are available in FY 23 to ensure that the community is kept informed of ARPA projects and expenditures. Community engagement activities will include public meetings, social media updates, and web page updates.

Document Management Platform: This project description will be updated at a later date.

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City Operations Projects in FY23 by Department

The following projects are set to be activated in FY23.

FY 23 ARPA ProjectsFY23Issuing Department
Salaries & Fringe Benefits$545,342Human Resources
Public Space Management$90,000House & Community Development
Interactive Online Budget Platform$124,000Information Technology
Street Rehabilitation$273,825Public Works
Community Engagement$20,000City Manager's Office
Document Management Platform$100,000Information Technology

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