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ARPA - Social Services Partnerships

The Takoma Park City Council approved a total of $3,000,000 for a three-prong approach to assist residents and local community-based organizations that provide social services.

Direct Cash Assistance (FY23): On July 27, 2022, the City Council of the City of Takoma Park approved an FY23 budget of $2,300,000 for the Direct Cash Assistance Program, which will provide a one-time, lump-sum payment per eligible household in the amount of $1,000. Eligible households include those with incomes of $50,000 or less per year who live in Takoma Park. The application opened on Tuesday, October 25. Detailed eligibility requirements and the application can be found at the Takoma Park Direct Cash Assistance program.

Community Connectors: The City will develop a Community Navigators program to ensure that individuals and households who may not typically engage in government programs and/or services, or be aware of such services, are identified and connected to available social services at the City, County, State and Federal levels. The City will employ a lead Navigator and part-time Navigators to assist residents in identifying and accessing social services that help them address their needs, including, but not limited to: health services, health education, food distribution, utility assistance, mental health counseling, financial assistance, job training, literacy, etc. ARPA funds approved for FY23 equal $200,000.

Grants to Nonprofits: ARPA funds will be used for partnerships with area non-profits to evaluate and fill any gaps in social services provision in Takoma Park and to build community awareness of resources available. Financial assistance to local nonprofit organizations is intended to address negative economic impacts of the pandemic experienced at the local level. Financial assistance may be provided in the form of a loan, a grant and/or technical assistance that would address challenges by organizations to pay rent, cover payroll or other operating costs. FY23 ARPA funds in the amount of $95,000 are expected to be expended for this focus area.

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Social Services Partnerships Programs in FY23 by Department

The following projects are set to be activated in FY23.

FY23 ARPA ProjectsFY23 BudgetIssuing Department
Direct Cash Assistance$2,300,000City Manager's Office
Community Connectors$200,000City Manager's Office
Grants to Nonprofits$95,000City Manager's Office

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