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ARPA - Community Anchors

The City is investing in our community’s future by improving and creating better family facilities. Community Anchors projects include:

Library Expansion: On July 27, the City Council approved the use of $2,000,000 in ARPA funds in FY23 to allow the City to move forward with the Library Expansion Project without further delays and potential for increases in the project budget. This project ensures that the Library’s services are improved and remain accessible to disproportionately impacted communities. Site work is anticipated to begin in September, 2022. Total ARPA funds in the amount of $4 million have been approved by the City Council for the expansion of the Library.

Community Center Redevelopment: During FY23, the renovation of the Community Center will begin using ARPA funds of $1,000,000 as approved by the City Council. The first-floor lobby area will be reconfigured to improve the emergency call center work environment and allow social distancing. Additional office space and meeting rooms will be created as a result of this renovation project and will be made available for private mental health counseling as needed and other City functions.

Recreation Center Redevelopment: The Recreation Center building continues to host programming for residents and City offices. Using $160,000 in ARPA funding in FY23, part of the design costs related to the redevelopment of the facility will be funded. Overall, the redevelopment of the Recreation Center will allow more space for social distancing and resident programs, improve the ventilation system, and improve the usability of the facility by residents as parts of the structure are currently inaccessible. A total of $320,000 has been approved by the City Council for this project.

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Community Anchors Projects in FY23 by Department

The following projects are set to be activated in FY23.

FY23 ARPA ProjectsFY23 BudgetIssuing Department
Library Expansion$2,000,000Library
Community Center Redevelopment$1,000,000Public Works
Recreation Center Redevelopment$160,000Public Works

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