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Impersonation of Employees from the Public Defender’s Office Scam


The Takoma Park Police Department warns residents of a past reported telephone scam initiated by a man claiming to be an attorney from the public defender’s office.

The caller identified himself as a Public Defender and asked the victim to secure Green Dot MoneyPaks in a large amount to represent their family member who was in an auto accident. Other scammers may also use the ruse of a family member being in jail and needing representation.  The caller will ask the victim to get MoneyPaks to pay the fee.

If the caller is then able to convince the victim and get the MoneyPak identification number, he can use them and the victim loses the money.

Police remind residents there is only a nominal fee paid for representation by the Public Defender’s Office when an attorney is appointed to represent someone. The fee is never paid to an attorney directly but is instead paid to the court.



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