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Who to Call for Sick, Injured or Deceased Wildlife

If you discover an injured animal/deer on Takoma Park City property, contact the Takoma Park Police Department non-emergency number at 301-270-1100.  If needed, Takoma Park Police will contact Montgomery County Animal Control to assist.

If you discover a deceased deer/animal on City property, contact 311 or visit Report Deceased Animal where you can create a service request to have the animal/deer removed.

If you discover an injured and/or deceased animal/deer on Montgomery County Parks property, contact the Maryland National Capital Park Police at 301-949-3010.

If you discover an UNinjured animal/deer, but in need of rescue services, on City or Park property, contact the Second Chance Wildlife rescue hotline at 301-926-9453 or visit their web site at Second Chance Wildlife CenterMontgomery County Animal Control will not respond for uninjured animals.

For wildlife emergencies, you can also contact the Maryland Natural Resources Police 24/7 at 410-260-8888.

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