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About Sustainability in Takoma Park

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The City of Takoma Park has been recognized for its leadership and ambitious agenda for combating climate change and promoting sustainability. The City is proud to have been a certified Sustainable Maryland Community since 2011, and all departments within the City have actively integrated sustainability measures into their operations. In the past, numerous successful City-wide engagement programs such as the Georgetown Energy Prize, Car Free Challenge and the Neighborhood Energy Challenge have all wielded great results. These efforts have been expanded, and in 2020, the City finalized a Climate Action Plan and Climate Emergency Response Framework, outlining specific goals and strategies to reach the next level in our goals to be waste and emission-free. These efforts can only succeed if they are supported and championed by residents, businesses, and organizations in Takoma Park. Continued support from the community is essential in reaching our goals.


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Takoma Park’s 2017 Sustainability Catalog also provides a great overview with information about all of Takoma Park’s sustainability programs and projects.

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