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Stormwater Management Projects

About the Stormwater Management Projects

Takoma Park’s Stormwater Management program includes the design, construction, maintenance, and repair of storm drains, inlets, channels, ditches and stormwater treatment facilities. The projects are aimed toward controlling stormwater runoff for the purposes of reducing downstream erosion and water pollution and to meet State and Federal requirements for treatment of run-off.

These projects are funded through the Stormwater Utility Fee, which is levied on all property owners, based on the amount of impervious surface on each property.

Project Lead & Contact Info

Ali Khalilian
City Engineer
Phone: 301-891-7620
Email: Alik@takomaparkmd.gov

Stormwater Management Projects Detail

Project NameTypeProject PlanTarget Completion Date
Manor Circle & Carroll Inlet & PipeStormwater InfrastructureN/AJune 30,2020
Takoma Branch Stream Restoration DesignStream RestorationN/AJune 30,2020
Grant and HollyBioretentionN/AJune 30, 2020
Glenside Dr and Anne St.BioretentionN/AJune 30, 2020
Glenside Dr and HaverfordInlet, Pipe and BioretentionN/ADecember, 2020
Glenside Dr and merwoodInlet, Pipe and BioretentionN/ADecember, 2020
Sheridan RowInlet ReconstructionN/AJune 30, 2020
Maple Ave.Outfall RepairN/AJune 30, 2020
Albany Ave.Inlet and Pipe ReplacementN/AJune 30, 2020
Garland Ave.Inlet RepairN/AJune 30, 2020

Project Info & Timeline

  • Target Completion Date: Ongoing
  • Takoma Park’s role in project: Lead
  • Departments involved: Public Works

Budget & Funding Source

Budget:  FY 19  stormwater management budget is $897,706

Funding Source: Stormwater Management Utility Fee, Grants

Links & Notes

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