City Offices & Community Center Are Closed on Monday, November 11 in Observance of Veterans Day.

City Offices & Community Center Are Closed on Monday, November 11 in Observance of Veterans Day.

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Sustainability and Climate Action Plan (2019)

Sustainability and Climate Action Plan (SCAP)

The City of Takoma Park is in the process of creating a new Sustainability and Climate Action Plan. This new plan will replace the 2014 Sustainability Energy Action Plan (SEAP) and provide a strategies for the City to meet its aspirational goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions 100% by 2035.

The Cadmus Group was contracted to consult with the City and will be providing expert analysis and recommendations.

The 2019 SCAP process is comprised of three different tasks.

Task 1. Comprehensive Greenhouse Inventory and Trend Analysis

  • Stationary Energy (buildings and their energy uses), Transportation, Waste

Task 2. Climate Mitigation and Sustainability Program Planning Support

  • List of 12-15 strategies with a focus ad deep analysis of the top 6-8 best strategies for the City to adopt

Task 3. Adaptation and Resiliency

  • Data gathering and integration of adaption and resiliency methods into strategies (Task 2)
Goals of SCAP
  • Create a greenhouse gas inventory that follows ICLEI and MWCOG’s methodology
  • Provide robust strategies to tackle greenhouse gas reduction
  • Align with Global Covenant of Mayors compliance requirements
  • Provide a pathway for Takoma Park to reach NET ZERO by 2035
  • Increase equity in Takoma Park
  • Create adaptation plans and procedures that focus on those that are affected by climate change the most

Links & Notes

Cadmus Group Proposal               

2019 SCAP Task Order

Sustainable Energy Action Plan (2014)

Cadmus SCAP Timeline

Cadmus Presentation

MWCOG and ICLEI Methodology

2015 GHG Inventory

2000 Local Action Plan for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

2010 Task Force on Environmental Action Final Report

2014 Sustainable Energy Action Plan

2017 Greenhouse Gas Inventory Update CADMUS WEBINAR recording

Workshop Handout with List of Proposed Strategies 

Workshop Presentation by Cadmus

Climate Action Plan SURVEY

Project Info & Timeline

February 2019 – Task Order requests submitted to Cadmus Group and ICF based on MWCOG’s contract with both companies for climate planning services.

March 2019 – Cadmus Group selected

May 2019 – Kickoff of the Sustainability and Climate Action Plan process

June 2019 – Cadmus presentation to Takoma Park’s Committee on the Environement; Data gathering

July 2019 – Presentation to staff, COE, and City Council on results of 2018 greenhouse gas inventory, date TBD

September  2019 – Focus Groups and Community Workshop

  • September 8 – Tabling at Folk Festival
  • September 9 – Committee on the Environment Meeting Focus Group
  • September 15 – Tabling at Takoma Park Farmer’s Market
  • September 15 –  Longbranch Sligo Neighborhood Meeting Focus Group
  • September 16 – Focus Group at Mansa Kunda
  • September 17 – Community Workshop
  • September 19 – Ward 3 Focus Group
  • September 22 – Ward 2 / Forest Park Neighborhood Focus Group
  • September 22 – Tabling at Farmer’s Market
  • September 24 – Ward 1 Focus Group
  • September 25 – Tabling at Crossroads Community Market

Tuesday, September 17, 2019 Community Workshop

Takoma Park Community Center Auditorium

7500 Maple Avenue. Takoma Park, MD 20912

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

The City of Takoma Park has declared a climate emergency, establishing a goal to reduce the city’s greenhouse gas emissions 100% by the year 2035. How will we get there? Join the City’s Sustainability Manager and consulting group Cadmus to discuss strategies, and provide your ideas and concerns about Takoma Park’s next Sustainability and Climate Action Plan.

During this workshop, attendees will work to prioritize climate mitigation strategies proposed by Cadmus following the GHG inventory findings. These prioritized strategies will inform a more targeted investigation into actions the City of Takoma Park may undertake, and your input in this process is highly valued.

November 2019 – SCAP complete; presentation to City Council


Project Lead & Contact Info

Gina Mathias
Sustainability Manager
Phone: 301-891-7623

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