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City Tree Programs


The City carries out activities to help preserve and improve our urban forest. Read on for information on how the City conducts tree planting programs and maintains trees in public space, along with some other useful information.

Important City Tree Programs:

Tree Takoma: Private Property Tree Planting explains the City’s exciting new free tree planting program

Public Space Tree Management lays out the ways the City plants and manages trees in public space.

Leaf Collection, Leaf Mulch, and Woodchips:

The City has leaf mulch and woodchips available for pick up at the Public Works building at 31 Oswego Ave.  See the City’s pages covering the Yard Waste and Fall Leaf Collection and Mulch Delivery for more information

Shredded leaves and woodchips can work wonders to improve the health of the soil your tree is growing in!

Hazard Tree Assistance Fund:

The City offers assistance for removal of dead or hazardous trees for low and moderate-income home owners (85% of the median income for Montgomery County).

The Homeowner Application  for the Hazard Tree Assistance Fund program can be found here:

Tree Permits and Regulations:

See the City’s Tree Permits and Regulations page for information about the City’s regulatory program for private property trees.


The City Does Not Provide Arborist Consultation Visits:

Unfortunately, the City does not have the staff capacity to provide consultation visits to assess the health of a tree on your property.  Please see the City’s webpage on Hiring an Arborist for helpful advice on hiring a tree care professional to get this sort of professional guidance.  If you determine that you would like to remove a tree, or if you determine that you would like to prune more than 10% of a tree’s live crown, please see the City’s webpage on Tree Permits and Regulations and ensure that you stay in compliance with City Code before proceeding.


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