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Tree Education



The Urban Forest of Takoma Park is every residents responsibility. We have to take care our trees the way they take care of us. Taking care of your trees may feel intimidating and overwhelming, that is why the City has created this page to help empower the citizens of Takoma Park with the knowledge needed to take care of your friendly neighborhood giants.

The Tree Care section of this page explains how to care for mature and young trees, 10 different pests and diseases that could be affecting your tree, the relationship between invasive vines and trees, and how to build healthy soil for your tree.

The Preserving Trees during Landscaping and Construction section illustrates the concerns associated with each  practice and what to be aware of.

The Tree Risk Management section describes how the Urban Forest Manager assesses tree risk in regards to public safety.

The Hiring an Arborist section explains the services provided by an arborist, tips on hiring, and a link to find local certified arborists in your area.

The Benefits of Trees section covers just that, the numerous ways our urban trees benefit the community.

Tree Education Sections