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Other City Tree Regulations

The City has regulations, in addition to its Tree Permit Requirements, that specify how trees must be managed in the interest of urban forest health and public safety.

Vines on Trees

Private property owners must control the growth of vines on their property. Allowing vines to reach the limbs of a tree is a violation and failure to make efforts towards control of such vegetation is considered a Class D municipal infraction.

Takoma Park Municipal Code 12.08.040 Noxious Growths

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Hazardous Trees

A property owner must not allow a tree or tree part to stand on a private property if it is hazardous.  In some cases, pruning the hazardous branch or trunk while retaining the non-hazardous remainder of the tree is acceptable.  In other cases removal of the entire tree is the only way to mitigate the hazard.  Property owners should have their trees inspected regularly to catch any hazard conditions early.   Failure to comply is a Class C municipal infraction.

Neighbors who determine that there is likely a hazardous tree condition on a neighboring property are encouraged to correspond with their neighbor, notify them of the concern, and prompt the needed hazard mitigation actions.  If neighborly correspondence does not prove fruitful, you can contact the Urban Forest Manager to request a hazard tree inspection, which may prompt the opening of a Code Enforcement case.

Takoma Park Municipal Code 12.08.010 Infected or Infested Woody Vegetation on Private Property and 12.08.020 Fallen or Dangerous Trees on Private Property 

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Sidewalk and Roadway Clearance

Private property owners must keep branches growing from trees on their property pruned to at least 8 feet above a sidewalk or road and such that they do not impede pedestrian or vehicle traffic. Failure to make efforts towards this goal is a Class D municipal infraction.

Takoma Park Municipal Code 12.08.030 Vegetation not to Obstruct Sidewalks or Traffic

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Contact Information:

Urban Forest Manager
Phone: 301-891-7612

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