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Housing and Economic Development Strategic Plan

About the Housing and Economic Development Strategic Plan

The Takoma Park City Council, having identified as priorities for the City, “the advancement of its economic development efforts” and the “creation of a livable community for all,” has authorized the development of a community wide strategic plan for the purpose of ensuring that a “range of safe, quality, and stable housing options are available for residents of varying incomes” and “to attract new businesses to the community and prepare for economic development within the City and the region.” (Council Resolution 2016-04, adopted February 24, 2016)

Current Project Status

To facilitate the development of the desired strategic plan, the City of Takoma Park has entered into a contract for services with The Cloudburst Group and its partners Fourth Economy and Mullin & Lonergan Associates.

The Strategic Plan, initiated in April 2017, is comprised of three parts:

As the plan developed, community members were invited to participate in a variety of ways: an online survey was conducted and stakeholder interviews were held. A listening session was held on June 28, 2017 to provide residents with an additional opportunity to weigh in on local housing and economic development conditions. Two open houses were held in early November 2017 to provide community members with further opportunity to comment on the preliminary plan. The City Council is scheduled to continue its discussion of the preliminary plan in February 2018.

Opportunity to Comment

Please take a moment and let us know how the recommendations included in the preliminary plan may impact you, your neighbors and the community. Did the consultants get it right? Are we on  the right track? We want to know.

Open House Comment Sheet

Comments may be submitted online through January 31, 2018.

Project Lead & Contact Info

Sara Anne Daines
Director, Housing and Community Development
Phone: 301-891-7224
Email: sarad@takomaparkmd.gov

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