Housing and Economic Development Strategic Plan

About the Housing and Economic Development Strategic Plan

The Takoma Park City Council, having identified as priorities for the City, “the advancement of its economic development efforts” and the “creation of a livable community for all,” has authorized the development of a community wide strategic plan for the purpose of ensuring that a “range of safe, quality, and stable housing options are available for residents of varying incomes” and “to attract new businesses to the community and prepare for economic development within the City and the region.” (Council Resolution 2016-04, adopted February 24, 2016)

Current Project Status

To facilitate the development of the desired strategic plan, the City of Takoma Park has entered into a contract for services with The Cloudburst Group and its partners Fourth Economy and Mullin & Lonergan Associates.

Work on the Strategic Plan has begun: stakeholder interviews are underway and the analysis of various data resources is being completed. An online survey, designed to solicit input from community members on a variety of housing and economic development topics has been issued. The feedback collected during the stakeholder interviews and the survey will be used to inform the development of the strategic plan.

Strategic Plan – Listening Session:  Wednesday, June 28, 2017

We invite you to join us as we continue our efforts to gather input from the community on the City’s upcoming Strategic Plan.

The planned listening session is intended to provide community members with an additional opportunity to weigh in on local housing and economic development conditions. How can the City work to improve housing affordability in Takoma Park? What can we do to better support local businesses? Your comments will be recorded, shared with the City Council and our consultant, and considered in the development of the Strategic Plan.

Recognizing that not everyone may be able to attend, we will be hosting a concurrent Facebook Live discussion that evening. Check in to see what others are saying and submit your comments online.

Project Lead & Contact Info

Sara Anne Daines
Director, Housing and Community Development
Phone: 301-891-7224

Strategic Plan Details

Project Info & Timeline

  • Current target completion date: 2017 – September
    • Project initiation date: 2016 – November
  • Takoma Park’s role in project: Lead
  • Departments involved: Housing & Community Development

Budget & Funding Source

Budget: $90,000
Funding Source: City of Takoma Park FY17 Budget


Links & Notes

DateDocument Type/DescriptionTitle & Link (PDF)
2015WebsiteSmall Commercial Tax Credit
2016-02-06WebsiteMontgomery Planning's Rental Housing Study
2015-06WebsiteLong Branch/Takoma Park Enterprise Zone
2010WebsiteMaryland Sustainable Communities
2017-02-01RFP Cloudburst ProposalSelected Proposal: Cloudburst
2016-12-16RFPRFP Questions and Responses
2016-11-21RFPDetailed Request for Proposals
2016-12-02RFPRFP Informational Meeting
2016-11-01ReportNew Hampshire Avenue Corridor Economic Development Report
2016-02-06ReportHousing Security in the Washington Region
2016-02-06ReportMontgomery County, Maryland Department of Housing and Community Affairs Rental Apartment Vacancy Report 2012
2017ReportNew Hampshire Avenue Corridor Economic Development Potential
2016-02-06PresentationA Community Conversation: Affordable Housing Presentation - Presented by Sara Anne Daines
2016-02-06PresentationHousing Affordability Presentation - Presented by Lisa Govoni
2016-02-06PresentationHousing Security in the Washington Region Presentation - Presented by Hilary Chapman and Peter Tatian
2016-02-06MapTakoma Park Average Income by Census Tract
2016-02-06MapTakoma Park Land Use & Assessed Values by Property Type
2016-02-06MapTakoma Park Multifamily Buildings by Rent Stabilization Status
2013-11Long Range PlanLong Branch Sector Plan
2012-06Long Range PlanTakoma Langley Crossroads Sector Plan
2008Long Range PlanNew Hampshire Avenue Corridor Concept Plan
2017Informational ToolHousing Program Assessment Tool
2016-02-06Informational SlidesCommunity Profile: Takoma Park Demographics
2016-02-06Informational SlidesIncome Limitations for Units Exempt from Rent Stabilization
2016-02-06Informational SlidesTakoma Park Affordable Housing Expenditures
2016-02-06Informational SlidesTakoma Park Sales Metrics
2016-02-06Informational SlidesTakoma Park Neighborhood Profile
2017-03-18AgendaCommunity Economic Development Strategy Agenda
2016-02-06Informational SlidesCommunity Profile: Takoma Park Housing

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