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Bus Stop Improvements

About Bus Stop Improvements

The City of Takoma Park initiated a comprehensive effort to update, inventory, and improve all bus stops in the City in order to encourage bus ridership and use of public transportation. Bus stop amenities make public transit more appealing and can, in turn, increase ridership. The aim is to make bus stops in Takoma Park accessible, safe, comfortable, and informative.

Interactive Map of City Bus Stops

This effort supports the Council’s goals of sustainability, racial equity, and a livable community for all.  Bus stops with the highest ridership will be prioritized and additional stops will then be evaluated for further improvements. In January 2020, the City Council passed a resolution in support of this work, prioritizing the installation of bus shelters at stops which met selected ridership, racial equity, climate impact, cost, and safety criteria.

Current Project Status

In May 2019, the City was awarded a MWCOG Technical Assistance Grant for a bus stop accessibility inventory.  The selected consultants, KFH Group,  inventoried all bus stops in the City with a focus on ADA compliance, accessibility, and bike and pedestrian improvements to facilitate region-wide multi-modal transportation and connectivity. The project concluded with a set of priorities and actionable recommendations for both stand alone and capital improvements.

Staff inventoried all bus stops within the City for ridership numbers and presence of amenities. An interactive map is available which displays all bus stops, ridership numbers, and the presence of amenities.

Project Lead and Contact Info

Jamee Ernst
City Planner
Phone: 301-891-7213

Bus shelter on New Hampshire and Sheridan

Bus Stop Improvements Details

Project Info & Timeline

Budget and Funding Source

The City received $50,000 in technical assistance from MWCOG to fund the bus stop accessibility inventory. Some bus shelter installation will be funded through the City’s on-going contract with In-Site Media. Other improvements will be funded by the City or additional grant funding when applicable.

Project Timeline

Ongoing Bus Shelter Installation and Implementation of Recommendations

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