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Public Space Management Plan

The Public Space Management Plan provides integrated guidance on how public space is used and maintained in Takoma Park. It also creates a decision-making process for how, when, and where the City devotes funding and resources to public spaces.



The Planning Division is pleased to share the City Council Draft of the Public Space Management Plan with markup (PDF).

Public Space Management Plan Report Cover

Share your thoughts on which recommendations to prioritize in one of a few different ways:

Test out the  Project Evaluation Scorecard yourself with a home exploration session: Project Evaluation Scorecard Toolkit (PDF)


Community Outreach and Engagement To Date


Project Lead & Contact Info

Alex Freedman
Phone: 301-891-7119


Project Timeline

Research Documents and Links

1994-12-121994 Open Space Plan
2000-01-072000 Open Space Plan Amendment
2016-04-01City Parks Amenities Inventory
2020-07-29Park Quality and Proximity in Takoma Park, MD
2020-07-29Park Inventory in the City of Takoma Park, MD
2021-04-28Streetscape Manual 2021
2021-01-15Streetscape Manual Webmap
2021-01-21 CDC's Social Vulnerability Index (SVI)
2020-07-29Walk Time to Active Parks in the City of Takoma Park, MD
2020-12-15Assessment of Park Quality, Proximity and Race in Takoma Park
2021-03-02Public Space Management Plan Survey Results (Summary)
2021-09-14Dorothy Woods - City Attorney Review of Declaration of Covenants
2020-11-15Community Survey Results for Closure of Laurel Avenue

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