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Salary Range Table

About the Salary Range Table

The City of Takoma Park is committed to transparent and collaborative government. One of the primary ways Takoma Park seeks to achieve transparency is by proving easy access to information that is public record; this includes City staff salary range information. The sortable table below is provided for City staff, potential hires and our partners in private industry and the media.

Any questions related to salary information with the City of Takoma Park should be referred to our the Human Resources department:

Human Resources
Phone: 301-891-7203

Position Title & Salary Range by Grade

GradeDepartmentPosition TitleGrade MinimumGrade Maximum
PoliceCrossing guard**
LibraryLibrary Shelver**
Public WorksCustodian*
Public WorksSanitation Technician*
Public WorksGarden Maintenance Technician*
Public WorksRight of Way Maintenance Technician*
FinanceAccounting Assistant
Public WorksCustodial Crew Leader
Public WorksEquipment Operator
Public Works Sanitation Driver
RecreationCustomer Service and Passport Technician
Various DepartmentsAdministrative Assistant
City ClerkRecords Specialist
PoliceParking Enforcement Officer
PolicePhoto Enforcement Analyst
Public WorksRight of Way Crew Leader
FinanceSr. Accounting Assistant
PoliceProperty & Evidence Clerk
PolicePolice Records Assistant
PolicePolice Communications Officer
City ClerkAssistant City Clerk
LibraryInstructional Library Associate
LibraryLibrary Associate
PolicePolice Cadet
PoliceCode Enforcement Officer
Public WorksBuilding Maintenance Specialist
Public WorksMechanic
CommunicationsAudio Visual Specialist
FinancePayroll & Accounting Specialist
General AdministrationExecutive Assistant
Housing & Comm DevLicensing Specialist
PoliceCrime Analyst
PoliceExecutive Assistant/Public Information Officer
PoliceLogistics & Payroll Specialist
RecreationRecreation Programs Coordinator
RecreationRecreation Specialist**
Housing & Comm DevArts Coordinator**
Housing & Comm DevHousing Specialist
Housing & Comm DevLandlord Tenant Mediator
Housing & Comm DevSpecial Projects Coordinator - HCD**
Human ResourcesHuman Resources Coordinator
PoliceSr. Code Enforcement Officer
PoliceSr. Police Communications Officer
FinanceAccounting Supervisor
Human ResourcesHuman Resources Generalist
PolicePolice Private
PolicePolice Private First Class (6% increase over min)
PoliceVictim/Witness Coordinator
RecreationRecreation Supervisor
Housing & Comm DevGrants Coordinator**
Public WorksUrban Forest Manager
FinanceBudget Specialist
Housing & Comm DevPlanner
PoliceEmergency & Policy/Procedures/Resources Manager
PolicePolice Corporal
Public WorksPublic Works Project Coordinator
Public WorksRight of Way Supervisor
Public WorksConstruction Manager
Public WorksVegetation Manager
Public WorksSanitation Supervisor
CommunicationsMedia Specialist
ITApplication & Hardware Administrator
Public WorksEquipment Maintenance Supervisor
Public WorksFacility Maintenance Supervisor
CommunicationsVideo Production Manager
ITSr. Network Engineer
PoliceNeighborhood Services Team Manager
LibraryLibrary Manager - Children & Young Adult Services
LibraryLibrary Manager - Public Services
LibraryLibrary Manager - Tech Services
PolicePolice Sergeant
Public WorksSustainability Manager
RecreationRecreation Programs Manager
Housing & Comm DevCommunity Development Manager - Economic Development
Housing & Comm DevCommunity Development Manager - Housing
Housing & Comm DevCommunity Development Manager - Planning
PolicePolice Lieutenant
PolicePolice Captain
Public WorksCity Engineer
RecreationAssistant Recreation Director
PoliceDeputy Police Chief
City ClerkDirector of Council Affairs
FinanceFinance Director
Housing & Comm DevHousing & Comm Dev Director
Human ResourcesHuman Resources Director
ITIT Director
LibraryLibrary Director
Public WorksPublic Works Director
RecreationRecreation Director
PolicePolice Chief
General AdministrationDeputy City Manager
Table: Position Title and Salary Range by Grade. Details pay ranges and grades for City of Takoma Park employees. Table maintained by Human Resources. (

* Full-time career staff to earn at least $40,000 annually. Minimum annualized salary is first step which is at least $40,000.
** At the time of this report only part-time staff filled this position.

Note: As a Council priority, all full-time staff are to be paid an hour rate which equates to an annualized salary of not less than $40,000. The minimum annualized salary indicated in each grade is the first step which is at least $40,000 within the adopted salary structure. As a result, some grades will have a slightly higher minimum than others.
This table was last updated on September 11, 2019.

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