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Crime Analyst

Misha Rowe

Crime analysis is a profession and process in which a set of quantitative and qualitative techniques are used to analyze data valuable to police agencies and their communities. It includes the analysis of crime & criminals, crime victims, disorder, quality of life issues, traffic issues, and internal police operations, and its results support criminal investigation and prosecution, patrol activities, crime prevention, and reduction strategies, problem-solving, and the evaluation of police efforts.

Ms. Misha Rowe plays a pivotal role in our pursuit of creating safer communities.  Over the years, Ms. Rowe has honed her analytical skills to interpret crime trends, patterns, and statistics.  Equipped with the latest technological advancements in crime analysis, Ms. Rowe is adept at utilizing advanced software, predictive modeling, and geospatial mapping tools.  She continuously stays abreast of emerging technologies to enhance her analytical capabilities.

Ms. Rowe collaborates effortlessly with law enforcement agencies, community partners, and other stakeholders.  She understands the importance of a holistic approach to crime prevention, valuing community engagement and cooperation in contributing to safer neighborhoods.

Beyond the numbers and data, Ms. Rowe is driven by a genuine passion for public safety.  She is committed to making a lasting impact on community well-being by providing law enforcement with the insights needed to effectively combat crime.

About Misha Rowe:

Ms. Rowe graduated from James Madison University with a major in Crime and Criminology and minors in Criminal Justice and Middle Eastern Studies. She has undergone a multitude of internships and professional experiences in the criminal justice field, ranging from the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department to the Wyoming Department of Corrections.  Ms. Rowe is adept in data collection, critical thinking, and analysis.  In her free time, Ms. Rowe enjoys music, reading, and traveling.

Ms. Rowe courageously battles Crohn’s disease, navigating its challenges with resilience and determination. Beyond her personal journey, she dedicates herself to advocating for those grappling with chronic illness and other debilitating medical conditions. Through her advocacy efforts, she strives to raise awareness, foster understanding, and provide support to others facing similar health struggles.

Connect with Misha Rowe

Feel free to contact Ms. Rowe to discuss crime analysis, community safety, and collaborative initiatives. She is always open to sharing knowledge and insights that contribute to the collective effort of building safer and more secure communities.

Contact Info:

Misha Rowe

Crime Analyst

Takoma Park Police Department

Office: (301) 891-7130

Cell: (240) 429-6914

Takoma Park Police Department Sections