City Offices, Facilities, and the Library and Computer Center will be closed for the Thanksgiving Holiday

City Offices, Facilities, the Library and Computer Center will be closed for the Thanksgiving Holiday starting Thursday, November 24, through Sunday, November 27, 2022

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Takoma Park Direct Cash Assistance in-person application events on Wednesday, December 7, and Thursday, December 8

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Department Policies & Collective Bargaining Agreements

Collective Bargaining Agreements

UnionContract Title & Link (PDF Download)
AFSCMEAFSCME Contract 2020-2023
UFW Local 400UFW Local 400 Contract 2020-2023

About Takoma Park Police Department General Orders

Takoma Park Police Department General Orders are guidelines that officers and staff use to accomplish their duties. When technology, law, or procedures change they are updated.

Takoma Park Police Department - General Orders

Document Title & Link (PDF Download)General Order Number
Introduction to Manual101
Manual of Rules and General Orders102
Code of Ethics103
Rules of the Police Department201
General Rules of Conduct202
Organization of the Department301
Organizational Chart301A
Station Cleanliness302
Departmental Collisions303
Effective Communications305
Telephone Calls307
Planning and Research309
Forms Control310
Inspectional Services311
Handheld Radios312
Secondary Employment401
Disciplinary Process402
Discipinary Matrix402A
Personnel Early Warning System404
Performance Evaluations409
Uniform, Equipment and Grooming Standards410
Career Development411
Allocation and Distribution of Personnel412
Selection of Officers
Promotion of Officers414
Job Analysis, Classification and Assignment415
Social Media418
Collective Bargaining420
Affirmative Action EEO/ADA421
Personal Patrol Vehicle426
Ride Along501
School Safety Section502
Community Outreach Program503
Crime Prevention504
Crime Analysis505
CARE Program506
Community Cam507
Drug Take Back Program508
Nursing Home Abuse605
Arrest Documentation-Felony Screening606
Adult Missing Person608
Diplomatic Immunity610
Use of Force617
Secondary Weapons617B
Conducted Electrical Weapon617C
Animal Complaints619
Firearms Search Report620
CDS Seizures622
Officers acting as Agents for Property Owners624
Limits of Authority625
Relationships with other Agencies626
Legal Process630
Field Training Program633
Cold Case Investigation640A
Identity Crimes640B
Eyewitness Identification640C
DNA Evidence Collection643A
Photographic Evidence Collection643B
Body Worn Camera643C
Hate-Violence-RRE Incidents646
K9 Procedures650
Community Oriented Policing651
Domestic Violence652
Victim-Witness Assistance and Coordinator654
Criminal and Civil Citations655
Criminal and Civil Citations656
Limited Extra Jurisdictional Authority658
Bicycle Patrol659
Vehicle Pursuits702
Abandoned-Wrecked-Inoperative Vehicles703
Speed Measuring Devices704
Vehicle Impounds705
DUI-DWI Enforcement706
Traffic Collision Investigation708
Traffic Hazards-Assistance to Motorists709
Parking Enforcement711
Traffic Administration712
Traffic Direction and Control713
Traffic Engineering714
Traffic Lights715
Sobriety Checkpoints716
Automatic License Plate Reader717
Juvenile Civil Citations - Alcoholic Beverages801
Child Abuse/Neglect802
Missing Children803
Safe Haven805
Alcohol Use By Underage Persons806
Table: Takoma Park Police Department General Orders.

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