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Submit a Complaint or Compliment

An individual wishing to submit a complain is encouraged to first speak with the on-duty supervisor, who will discuss departmental policy as it relates to the specific incident. This may be done in person or by telephone.

If the complainant wishes to make a formal charge, a Complaint Form (available in English or Spanish) is provided by the supervisor.

Alternatively, Complaint Forms can also be completed and filed online: Complaint Form

Investigations, consistent with the process as outlined below are concluded within 30 to 60 days, depending on the type of complaint. Investigations will be postponed until conclusion of any court case if the event involves one.

Complaints may also be made in person or in writing to the City Manager, who will follow up with Police Department staff as necessary.

Complaint Procedure

The policy of the Police Department is to create and maintain a system which assures objectivity, fairness and justice by the prompt, impartial investigation and review of all allegations, including anonymous complaints, of officer or Police Department misconduct. Investigations are conducted in accordance with the Law Enforcement Officer’s Bill of Rights. Complaints received go to the Professional Standards Manager (currently the Police Captain for Support Services) who conducts a preliminary investigation to gather the details and provides a synopsis to the Chief. A determination is then made by the Chief regarding the level of the alleged violation – whether the allegation should fall under the Administrative Review or Internal Affairs processes. Factors such as complaint history, severity of the alleged activity, and other relevant performance related information are taken into consideration.

All complaints are categorized as either Category I or Category II. Category I complaints include allegations of corruption, brutality, improper use of force, or criminal misconduct. Category II complaints include allegations of rudeness, delayed Police response, and other complaints of a less serious nature.

Category I complaints are normally assigned as Internal Affairs investigations and Category II complaints are normally assigned as an Administrative Review that the officer’s supervisor handles. All complaints are investigated, and tracked through the department’s Internal Affairs software. The General Order (GO) associated with complaints provides disciplinary action for any employee that interferes with, or discourages and/or delays a complainant in filing a complaint.

A charge alleging brutality must be filed within 366 days by an aggrieved individual, family member, person present at the alleged incident or someone who has video recording of the incident, that, to the individual’s knowledge, is unaltered, or, the parents of a minor child.  Also, such complaints must be  signed and sworn to under penalty of perjury.

Submit a Compliment

Persons wishing to compliment a police employee may call a supervisor, visit a supervisor at the Takoma Park Police Station, or fill out this online compliment form.

Individuals completing the online compliment form will receive an email verification once the form has been submitted.


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