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Parking Citations - Pay or Request Court Date

Parking Tickets

The Takoma Park Police Department’s Parking Enforcement Division is responsible for issuing warnings and tickets for parking violations in the City of Takoma Park. Information on how to pay a ticket and a list of possible violations with associated fines is available on this page. Non-payment of tickets will result in a flagged vehicle registration renewal. You will not be able to renew your vehicle registration until payment is made. 

For a more comprehensive look at Takoma Park parking laws please review Takoma Park Municipal Code 13.20: STOPPING AND PARKING in the City Charter and Code.

How to Pay a Ticket

Parking tickets issued by the Takoma Park Police Department parking enforcement division are payable online, in person or by mail. Fines double after 15 days of the violation. An administrative fee of $15.00 is added after 30 days of the violation. 

Pay Online

There is a $3.50 per ticket service charge assessed for parking tickets paid online. Visit the following website to pay parking tickets issued by the City of Takoma Park:

Passport Parking – City of Takoma Park, MD Parking Ticket System

Pay in Person

Parking tickets can be paid Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM at the Takoma Park Police Department.

Pay by Mail

Payments for parking tickets can also be made by mail with a check or money order payable to the City of Takoma Park. Send check or money order by mail to:

Takoma Park Police Department
ATTN: Parking Enforcement
City of Takoma Park
7500 Maple Avenue
Takoma Park, MD 20912

Indicate the ticket number on the check or money order and include any penalties if the payment is late.

Contesting a Parking Ticket

Once it is written a parking ticket cannot be voided. Parking tickets may be disputed in court. If you wish to contest a parking ticket*:

  • Fill out the appropriate area on the ticket and
  • Mail the ticket to the Takoma Park Police Department

*Court Cost of $22.50 will be accessed if you are found guilty.

The date and time of the trial will be sent to you by mail. This notification can take from one to two months to arrive. Trials are held at:

Montgomery County District Court
8552 2nd Ave
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Delinquency Notices

If you receive a delinquency notice for a ticket that has already been paid bring a copy of the notice and proof of payment (receipt or cancelled check) to the Takoma Park Police Department. Corrections will be made as quickly as possible.

Parking Questions & Complaints

Individuals with parking questions, complaints (including long-term parking issues), or other concerns can call a Parking Enforcement Officer at 301-891-7112 between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Use the Takoma Park Police Department’s non-emergency number at 301-270-1100 after hours. 

    City of Takoma Park
    Parking Citation Court Date Request Form

    How to request a court date:

    Individuals wishing to dispute a parking citation can schedule a court date with this form. You will be scheduled a hearing at the District Court of Maryland. The District Court of Maryland is located at:

    District Court of Maryland
    8552 Second Avenue
    Silver Spring, MD 20910-3405

    NOTE: This form is for requesting a court date. A court date may or may not be granted depending on the circumstances of the issued parking citation. You will be notified by mail of the status and time of your court date.

    Fields marked with an * (asterisk) are mandatory.

    Parking Ticket Information

    *Ticket #:
    Enter in the number of your ticket.

    *Date citation issued:
    Enter the date on the parking ticket. If you wish to contest a ticket the request must be received within 10 business days of the violation.

    Enter in the name of the issuing officer listed on the ticket.

    Name & Address

    A valid mailing address is required to request a court date for a parking citation.


    *Last name:

    *First name:




    *ZIP Code:

    Vehicle Information

    *Vehicle description:
    Include a brief description of the vehicle included on the parking ticket. Example: 2012 white Toyota Prius.

    *License plate number:

    *License plate state:

    Reason for Request

    *Reason for requesting a court date:

    Use the box above to detail the reason for requesting a court date for your parking citation.

    Disclaimer & Verification

    *Verify request for court date:
    I understand.
    By checking the box you acknowledge that you understand you are requesting a court date to dispute your parking ticket. Any request for a reset must be made within at least 10 business days prior to the court date. You will be notified by mail of your court date.

    Submit Request

    Parking Violations & Fines

    Illegally parking in a space designated for vehicles with handicapped permits and fire-lane violations are aggressively enforced in Takoma Park.

    Parking Fines in Takoma Park

    Parking outside designated space for meters$40.00
    Overtime parking$40.00
    Impede traffic$45.00
    Within an intersection$45.00
    On a crosswalk$50.00
    On a bridge / underpass$45.00
    Within 40 feet on an intersection$40.00
    Within 25 feet of a stop sign$40.00
    Blocking / obstructing view of slow or speed sign$40.00
    Other than emergency repairs$40.00
    Within 3 feet of vehicle$40.00
    Residential parking permit$45.00
    Violation of official sign$45.00
    Overtime parking$40.00
    Parked on sidewalk / building / curb$40.00
    Within 15 feet fire hydrant / bus stop$50.00
    Fire lane$255.00
    72 hour violation$40.00
    Within 5 feet of driveway$45.00
    Handicapped Zone$255.00
    Left wheels to curb$40.00
    In excess of 12 inches from curb$40.00
    Double parked$40.00
    Commercial vehicle in residential zone$45.00
    Vehicles - unregistered, repairing$45.00
    Snow emergency$105.00
    Table: Parking fines in Takoma Park

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